Bowhunting: Week One Update

By John MuellerSeptember 23, 20083 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

        I started out the 08 season by not hunting opening morning. We had over 4 inches of rain from Hurricane Ike the day before. I was worried about crossing some of the small ditches and creeks in the dark. I went to work instead and saved another day of vacation for the RUT. I got home after work on the 15th and showered and got dressed. I hunted a small lot in my subdivision. My subdivision is made up of 3+ acre lots with many small creeks and a good bit of woods. I got all settled in and let the woods get back to normal. About 5:30 I think it was I heard a crash to my right where the bedding area is. I see 2 deer come sailing out of there being chased by a black lab. So much for my opening day hunt.            

Hunt #2 on the 16th.  After work I climbed into my stand overlooking the food plot in my backyard. Just before 5:00 I see 3 deer making their way up the path to my food plot. I am stood up and ready. It looks like a big doe in the lead followed by 2 fawns. As the doe ducks under a limb entering the plot I draw my bow. That’s when the doe I hadn’t seen enter the plot blows the whole setup. She takes of into the woods blowing with every bound. Needless to say, that was the last deer sightings for hunt #2.           

Hunt #3 on the 19th.  I went back in the woods about 60 yards off of my food plot, figuring they wouldn’t be entering the plot early again. I was right, no deer sightings at all that night.

Hunt #4, Success!!I went out with my ASAT ground blind to hunt the edges of a corn field a couple miles from my house. I set it up in the last few rows of corn looking out over a grassy waterway. I know the deer travel thru here from hunting this farm over the years. Here is my camo job on the blind.

Ground Blind hunting can be a blast!

The deers view as she approached.

About 4:45 I see a doe and a fawn coming my direction in the waterway. They are getting closer and closer, every once in a while they look at the blind but continue on browsing. The doe stops in front of the blind broadside at 12 yards. I touch the trigger on my release and watch my luminock bury behind her shoulder. She runs down the hill and starts to stagger. I see her stumble into the brushy ditch and hear her crashing for a couple of seconds. She made it 60 yards downhill. The Rage did its job again in short order. Yes I do shoot my Rage thru the mesh in my blind. I put a rubber band around the blades and they do not open going thru the mesh. I tried it out quite a few times before I hunted with it. If you want try it out, you can order your Rage Broadheads right here on Bowhunting.com in the shopping section.

Ok so here is the trophy photo, I had to take it myself, no help around.


First Harvest of '08

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