Primos Boot Dryer Review

By John MuellerSeptember 18, 20082 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

I was first introduced to this style of boot dryer on my elk hunting trip to New Mexico. Two of the guys had brought them along on the hunt and these two guys had the most comfortable boots the entire week.

You do a lot of walking while elk hunting and my feet do a lot of sweating in hunting boots. We left our boots out on the porch at night so they wouldn’t absorb the cooking odors in our cabins and so they could hopefully dry out a little bit. The two bowhunters with the boot dryers would plug them in overnight and have nice dry and toasty boots to slip into in the morning. The rest of us would be putting on clammy sweat soaked boots. Not fun and very uncomfortable. This is just one use of the boot dryer that I have personally found.

Another thing I like to do is when it’s really cold out, I’ll use a timer (like you have for Christmas tree lights) and set it to come on a few hours before I am going hunting. That way my boots will be preheated and my feet will stay warm that much longer. I have found this will allow me to stay on stand longer in bitter cold weather.  It sure beats putting on a pair of ice cold boots that you’ve left outside or in your garage all night.

You can use the dryers to dry out shoes, boots and even gloves. There are no fans or motors to wear out, just a small heating element. It uses the principal of warmer air rising to circulate the air in the boots. It does a great job of drying sweat or water from that creek you just had to cross. In a few hours the boots are completely dry. After that elk hunting trip all of us had one of these boot dryers. I’ve had mine since 2005 and use it all the time to dry out my boots or just to warm them up before the hunt. It helps to keep your boots from getting that dirty sock smell too.

The Primos Boot Dryer is a handy tool to have that will last you a long time and be one of the most valuable pieces of hunting equipment you own!

John Mueller
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