Huge Success – Reconyx Trail Cameras

Most of you know that I have been testing all the different trail cameras out this fall. With the recent launch of our goal was to test all units and we have been doing just that! On 8/17/2008 I put out a Reconyx with a 2 gig card and 6 Duracell batteries. I had the cameras setting on the 3 shot burst mode. This unit was a piece of cake to set-up, I never even used the manual once. I decided to check on the reconyx this last past weekend to see what the results were going to be and was I impressed!

3109 PHOTOS!!!! and I am not exaggerating.

The unit had about 5% battery life left, I could not believe it. I honestly thought for sure that the unit was being triggered by a limb, weed or the sun but when I got home all the photos were on the card. After reviewing all of the photos I feel like you get a lot of value out of this camera but the IR needs to reach out a little further.

Here are some of the images.

Small 2 1/2 Year old buck. Let him go and he will grow! I did not always say that – just for the record.


My only complaint – This unit needs more IR power.


Of course what would owning property be without trespassers. I need to put some tire spikes out.


Nice buck – any buck that makes it through the WI gun season deserves a medal.


IR filter must have switched over early and took this photo during the day.


I guess even a few more trespassers will keep you deer nocturnal.


I am not even going to make any comments, although I really want to.

Nice Beards!

Good day time photo example.

Now, here is how you know a camera is easy to program – My pops decides to open it and tries to see if he can view the photos. On this unit you can’t. Do you think he told me that he did this – Of course not. But I did capture it and I did bust his chops. Thankfully the unit self arms itself and I never missed any shots.

If your intrested in trying this unit out we have them in stock here.


  1. Justin Zarr says:

    Wow – those trespassers are unbelievable!! The kids out goofing around is one thing, but the guy in the truck driving through the middle of your property?? People have some nerve!!

    Glad to see the camera is working anyways, and nobody ran off with it! I think a few more NO TRESPASSING signs may be in order my friend!

  2. wow, it seems like a blessing you even still have the camera…shouldnt be overly hard to find out whos truck that is, and issue a friendly warning.

    I am surprised the kids didnt have sticky fingers.

    Those turks are NICE, Need some help this coming spring? lol

  3. that camera is great says:

    that camera is great i need one

  4. Justin Zarr says:

    Todd – what type of security mechanisms are on this camera? Does it have any sort of security code that you can type in to lock it down? What about options for securing it with a cable and lock?

  5. Todd Graf says:

    I do count my blessing that no one has taken that camera, Although someone has taken on in my own back yard.

  6. Todd Graf says:

    On this unit you can put in a 4 digit number to in which you need to use the it.

  7. club penguin says:

    It seems like a blessing you even still have the camera…shouldnt be overly hard to find out whos truck that is, and issue a friendly warning. I am surprised the kids didnt have sticky fingers.

  8. I get trespassers on my trail cam all the time. Decided to start a website to post them for all to see.

    Nice Turkeys! We get humans and deer. We've seen Moose, Lynx, and Black Bear tracks, but no shots yet.

  9. Oh! p.s. You can get a cable lock for some trailcams called a "cobra" I think. It's what we have on ours, very secure. It'd be easier to take the tree down than cut the cable.

  10. It's called a "Python" lock.

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