Bowhunting & Archery Equipment Preparation

By Hunting NetworkSeptember 14, 2008

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Wow, I don’t care how hard you try the archery season always seems to sneak up on you. The last few days of this week preparing for the Wisconsin bow opener was beginning to feel like work. It only took a few days to tune in my NAP Nitrons as they seemed to be flying perfect.


Here I am preparing my arrows with Lumenoks and NAP Nitro's. Also you may notice the BOWHUNTING.COM arrow wraps, we have them available for sale now in the cart check them out they come in a few varieties.

My camo gear was the worst; I must have just thrown all my hunting gear in the duffel bags last year as I was ending my season. I personally like to pull everything out, go through it, try it on and wash it. Once everything is washed I like to store all my gear in scent free totes or duffel bags.

I'm embarrassed to say this was just one of my piles, man do you need a lot of gear for bowhunting and filming.

 I somehow managed to get everything done on Thursday so I would not have to do a lot on Friday other then work and hit the road to Wisconsin. I am currently pulling together a bow hunters / archery equipment checklist that I will put on the site when I am finished. Otherwise here are some photos of my final preparations.

This was my final 5 arrows that I show with broadheads. I was pretty happy with this group so I called it quits.

My 4 year old son is finally showing some interest, I have to say that makes me feel pretty good. I only hope one day he enjoys bowhunting and archery as much as I do.

Good old friend Justin trying on the Smootchie Disposable Active Carbon Face Mask. I am pumped about this product as I think we all spend alot of time on our gear and fail to cover our mouths. This face mask can absorb up to 99% of all breath odor, the fit well and it is not difficult to breath when it is on. Remeber our mouth is the body's most alarming scent source. We will be adding these to our cart as shortly.

Jeff, I can't thank you enough! I really learned alot that day with what you taught me about filming. I am ready to film my bowhunts.


Camera and Muddy video arm have been tweaked and I am ready.

The Droptine Divas had a video seminar and Josh Fletcher and I attended so we could start to figure all of this out. It turned out great as we both learned a ton.

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