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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellant TC

The Thermacell is one gadget type product that really does work. I don’t know one person that has tried it and not liked it.

I have had mine for over 2 years now and I WILL NOT bowhunt in the early season without it. If you are constantly bothered by mosquitoes, just fire the Thermacell up and they are GONE in a matter of seconds. It works by using a butane flame to heat a metal plate. You slide a scent pad over the plate. The hot plate heats the scent pad and releases a cloud of mosquito repellant. They claim it protects a 15′ x 15′ area. I know it covers me in my stand if the wind isn’t too strong. There is a slight odor to the repellant. But I have never had a deer bust out of the area from it. I killed my doe last October with mine operating. The three does hung around for close to 10 minutes before they offered me a shot. It works in a ground blind too where there always seem to be more mosquitoes than in a tree.

 Each scent pad and butane cartridge is supposed to last 12 hours. I have found that I can usually get a good 8-10 hours from my experiences. It’s effectiveness lasts a long time. When the scent pad runs out of repellant it turns from blue to a light grey color. You can pick up your Thermacell online right here at Bowhunting.com by clicking this link. In addition to the unit itself, there is also a handy holster to carry your unit in as well as refills of butane and scent pads. There are pockets on the side of the holster to carry extra scent pads and butane cartridges in, for those long days on stand.                                                                                

A new inovation this year is the addition of deer attraction scent pads. While I am not a big fan of commercial deer scents (I prefer to remain scent free), it does sound like an excellent way to disperse the attractant. It should travel a long way on the wind currents as a steam rising from the Thermacell. Just another use for the Thermacell when the weather turns cold.

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