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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

No doubt about it, this is one product that I could not wait to get my hands on this year. I first saw this product at the ATA show down in Indianapolis and I was pumped right away.  How many times have we all been up in our treestands during hunting season, wishing we had cut that one extra branch out of the way?  I know it’s happened to me more than a few times and I always thought about making a saw like this.  But the guys at Hooyman beat me to the punch, and they really outdid themselves with this saw.  In fact, we ordered a bunch of them since we knew that all of our hunting buddies are going to want one for their fanny packs this year.

The saw’s strong features are:

Positive locking I-beam extension system – each section of the telescopic extension arm locks down individually, creating an incredibly sturdy saw that can extend up to 5 feet.  Even with my regular pole saw the locking/tightening mechanisms have always been a problem for me.  I’ve had them pull apart or push into each other more than a few times.  With the locking system on the Hooyman saw, this won’t happen.  The extension arms on the Hooyman saw are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum in a super strong I-beam configuration. They are lightweight, sturdy and strong.

In-line design – the folding saw slides and locks into the extension arm with a clever in-line channel groove for a remarkably tight connection. This means the folding saw that does the cutting isn’t attached to the side of the extension arm, it’s actually a part of it.  And since it’s removable, you can take it off the saw and get those limbs that are too close for comfort, eliminating the hassle of having to carry two saws.

Premium blade – Made of high carbon stainless steel, Hooyman’s MegaBite™ blade features a special four-edge tooth design which cuts better than any folding saw you’ve ever used.  I’ve tested it on several limbs and the saw blade cut through them quickly and easily.  The blade on the Hooyman also locks back and easily folds down with the touch of a finger which makes it easy to use and fold up to go back in your pack when you’re done.

The saw’s weaknesses are:

The locking mechanism that holds the saw blade in the locked position is made out of plastic – in my opinion metal would be way better. The first Browning hand saws that came out on the market were plastic and I broke a lot of them before they switched over to metal. I think this will be an easy future addition that will probably be needed after a few guys like me who are hard on equipment get a full season’s use out of them.

Overall –

This product is a must-have for all bowhunters. Whether you keep this in your car, fanny pack or just use it when you’re hanging stands it is very valuable. I am giving this product a thumbs up! Great job on making it, I wish Hooyman the best of luck!

Justin opened the box of saws that were stocking in our warehouse, as if it was Christmas morning. The box did not have a chance.

Close-up of the saw, as you can see the saw attaches to the side of the folding part to keep it concise.

Easy latches allows you to extend the saw.

Here is a picture of the saw taken off the extendable housing.

Here the saw is open and ready to be attached. “I wish the conneting pieces were make out of metal. Us bowhunters can be hard on products. Time will tell if this is a problem or not.

This photo shows how the saw connects to the rail system. Again, I wish it was metal!

The saw is now atttached and ready to go.

My first test was a oak branch – it came down without a problem.

For my 2nd branch test I extended the saw as far as it would go – the branch fell without a fight.

Here is a photo of the Browning saw I mentioned earlier where the key contact points are made out of metal. I am betting next year the Hooyman saw will be metal as well.

This is really a great product and I look forward to it being in my pack.   If you would like to pick one up for your bowhunting pack, we have them available in the Bowhunitng.com online store for $38.99.  Click here to purchase the Hooyman Extentible Tree Saw.

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