Let’s Be Careful Out There

By John MuellerSeptember 3, 20081 Comment

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

As we are all getting ready for the upcoming season and making last minute preparations to our stands. Please remember to be careful out there.

I found out the hard way how fast an accident can happen. I was trimming a path, with a brushcutter attachment on my weedwacker, from a field to my stand sight. Some of the brush I had cut loose got wrapped around the handle. So I reached down to pull it loose. When I gave it a yank the spinning blade sliced into my hand between my thumb and index finger.A trip to the ER and 14 stitches later I am thankful that that the injury wasn't any worse. I could have lost a finger or my whole hand in the blink of an eye. It happened so fast I still am not sure exactly how the blade came into contact with my hand.



The brush cutting blade makes fast work clearing shooting lanes of small trees and brush on the ground. Just remember to use it safely. After I am finished with the lower obstructions, I use my telescoping limb saw to take down the higher branches. Once I have the shooting lanes cleared from the ground, I climb into my stand and attach my safety harness to the tree. Never do this without being attached to the tree with an approved safety harness. I recently picked up a Hunter Safety System Vest. They are the best system I have found yet. Then I use my telescoping limb saw to remove any branches around my stand that might interfere with the arrows flight. If possible bring a friend along so you can have them trim from the ground as you are in the stand spotting branches that are in the way.

Please everyone, remember to this job in a safe way!! You don't want to miss opening day because of an injury.

John Mueller
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