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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Many of you are probably a lot like me and have purchased several Lone Wolf treestands over the years. Most good companies are always trying to make their products better and Lone wolf is one of those companies that that has done just that. I recently ordered some new seats for all of my old stands, and started replacing them this weekend. I highly suggest making this upgrade as the newer seats are a lot more comfortable, and they added a micro seat adjustment which allows you to have some additional leveling adjustments when you're sitting in a crooked tree.  This can make your wait as enjoyable as possible because we all know that having an uncomfortable stand stinks! While I was changing the seat I also went ahead and changed out the V-bracket to the new offset bat looking bracket (see the photos) I like the new bat bracket better as I think it grips better to trees and allows for some additional opportunities to hang your stand in crooked trees and still have a level seat and platform. We will be carrying most of the Lone Wolf products here at Bowhunting.com and we can get any parts for these stands that you may need. So just let us know if you're looking for something.


This photo shows the old Lone Wolf seat and V-Bracket.  Needless to say, it needed attention!


Close-up of the V-Bracket after I removed it. I keep these just in case I need to replace one on my climbing sticks.


You must add this plastic piece, all you have to do is place it in the hole and hit with a hammer and it snaps in. This keeps the adjustment screw from making noise when you put the seat down.

New seat and bat bracket replacement parts have been added. This stand is ready to go!

Close-up shot of Batwing bracket and seat installed.

We're getting closer to the season, I cant wait!


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