Acorns are dropping!

By Justin ZarrAugust 25, 20082 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

September is less than a week away now and the deer are definitely getting off their summer feed patterns in the soybean and alfalfa fields and moving into the corn and oak flats to much on their favorite treat – the acorn!  If the amount of decreased deer sightings in the evenings hasn't clued you in, the increase in trail camera activity in the woods certainly should have.  I had over 100 photos on my Cuddeback Excite trail camera over the past two weeks.  This is in a very small woodlot that doesn't usually see much deer traffic until the rut.  But with a good crop of corn and lots of acorns falling the bucks are hitting it pretty hard right now.  I got pictures of 7 or 8 different bucks over the past two weeks.  I usually don't see that many bucks on this property unless they're cruising for does, but once again the drawing power of a deer's stomach is proven to be a determining factor in their travel patterns.  If I'm lucky enough to have some standing corn when the season starts it could prove to be some good early-season hunting in this spot.

Here's a few of the bucks that made their appearance over the past few weeks.

I got a few pictures of this tight-racked 10 point in 2006 and Mike found 1 of his sheds in the spring of 2007 but he disappeared last year.  Now he's back and doesn't look like he's put much antler growth on, which is typical of bucks in this immediate area.  They seem to reach a point where they just don't grow much anymore.  I'm not sure if it's the genetics or what, but I don't think this guy is going to grow too much more.  Might be time to take a "crack" at him if he shows up in October!

This goofy half-racked buck has been showing up on my camera pretty consistantly this summer, quite often during the day.  He's got a real good left side, but his right is just a big massive beam with one or two small kickers coming off it.

I believe this particular buck is bigger than he looks in this photo.  I've got a few others of him from other angles during the day that aren't quite as good, but he looks much nicer.  I'm guessing he may go in the mid-130's and he's definitely a buck I'd shoot if given the opportunity.

This is the first look I've gotten at this big seven pointer, whom I'm dubbed the "7 Stud".  He's got one heck of a body on him for late summer and I'm anxious to see if I can get a few more looks at him.   Like all the bucks on this farm he's not much in the rack department, but looks like at least a 3 year old deer.

The "Nubbin 8" has been one of the most visible bucks on my camera since early July.  I think he's a good solid 2 1/2 that's right about out to his ears with some short tines and virtually no brows.  I may or may not pass him up if given the opportunity.  Depends on how I'm feeling that day!

This little guy looks like he's got some potential if he can make it a few years!

Last but not least this buck looks to be an 8 point similar in size to the Nubbin 8 with much better brows.  Mike thinks he's seen this deer a few times this summer on this farm, so hopefully we get a few more pics of him, or maybe a look at him this fall.  He's probably in the 120" range, which is pushing the pass/don't pass line for me.  Again, depends on what kind of mood I'm in the day he walks by!

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