Calling All IL Sportsman We Need To Take Action!

Alert: Anti-gun bills to be heard in Illinois Bill Status: Six bills will be heard Wednesday by House Executive Committee Action: Contact committee members, attend 10 a.m. hearing Wednesday

More Trouble in Illinois

A slew of anti-gun bills will be heard in the Illinois Executive Committee Wednesday (Feb. 27), including:

HB 758 – Removes private sales and restricts gun show sales HB 4217 – Creates a statewide Firearm Relinquishment Amnesty Program for all counties HB 4259 Bullet Serialization HB 4349 Bullet Serialization HB 4357 – "Assault Weapons" ban and .50 cal ban HB 4393 – One Gun a Month

NSSF is encouraging all sportsmen, hunters and firearms enthusiasts to contact members of the Executive Committee immediately, urging them to strongly oppose these anti-gun bills.

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