What would be your go-to binos? I don’t have huge ag fields, or many if at all long-range opportunities. But want to be able to scan and get a good look at what’s around me, and not break the bank.

Asked By MARK MICHALSKIFeb 28, 2023
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It's funny thinking back 15-20 years ago, how I used to use those tiny little binoculars because I didn't think I needed to see far distances. But it's amazing what a good set of binos will help you see through the brush at 60, 70, or 80 plus yards. My first good pair of binoculars was an 8x42, but I shortly switched to 10x42's which seem to be the standard for whitetail hunters nowadays. So if you truly are only worried about having to see at closer distances, maybe 8x42's are the way to go for you. I used Vortex Vipers for a long time and loved them, but moved on to the Vortex Razor HD binos.

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