What do you prefer when it comes to keeping deer focused on coming to your plots?

Question By Karson WorthingtonSeptember 3, 2020

First, I think it’s important to understand that nothing we do can make a deer come to our food plots.  There is a lot of native browse and forage for them, along with agricultural fields, neighbors with food plots, and other options as well.  Food plots are great, but they are rarely the magic component to killing deer on a regular basis.  However, there are a few things you can do to keep them coming.  The first is to focus on where the plot is located.  If you want deer to feed in them during daylight, they need to be in a place they feel comfortable.  If they can be seen from a road, a house, etc they will likely not feed much during the day.  Second, you need to focus on your entrance and exit to the plot so you’re not spooking them or leaving scent behind.  Also, try to put them near areas where the deer are bedding or using on a regular basis.  The less distance they have to travel to get there, the more likely you are to see them during shooting hours. ~Justin

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