What are the best locations and times to use a deer decoy?

Question By Gareth HarrisSeptember 3, 2020

Buck decoys work best starting in late October and going all the way into December.  They seem to lose effectiveness a little bit in mid-November when bucks are more interested in chasing tail than fighting, but they can certainly still work.  The key with any decoy is to get it in an area with high visibility.  It doesn’t do you any good if the deer can’t see it.  Most hunters like to use them in open fields where they can be spotted by cruising bucks that are far away.  Make sure you keep the decoy close and angle it toward your stand.  Bucks will usually circle around the decoy and approach it head-on so plan your shots accordingly.  Also, be aware that most does do NOT like buck decoys.  In my experience they will stomp and blow at them 9 times out of 10.  So be prepared for that as well. ~Justin

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