The ground I hunt on has bean and corn fields surrounding it, with some in the middle of the property as well. I mostly hunt over these fields, but have been scouting out spots to put a stand in the trees instead of the edges where they are now. Would it be worth while to put a food plot in the trees itself or would a food plot not do very well in the trees considering the lack of sunlight? This would be the only place on the property I could put a plot considering all the fields on it. Love what you guys do, thanks!

Question By Cameron AndersonSeptember 3, 2020

Personally speaking, I’ve never had much luck with plots that are in the woods.  Primarily because they are a lot of work to do them right.  You have to make sure the ground is thoroughly cleared and then do a soil test and adjust the pH accordingly.  Soil inside the woods tends to be very acidic and needs a lot of help to get it to the point where the plants grow well.  And as you mentioned, sunlight is always a problem as well.  When it comes to hunting timber I prefer to find natural food sources like acorns and use terrain features to find and hunt funnels and travel corridors.  I’ve had a lot better luck doing that than trying to clear and build a food plot. ~Justin

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