The father I go out past 30 yards to shoot my arrow starts hitting 4 inches to the left on the target and I am keeping my level center so what could I do to fix the problem

Question By Garret FigginsSeptember 1, 2020

It sounds like you have a rest alignment issue.  If you can, do a walk-back tune and try to confirm that’s your problem.  Start at 20 yards and aim at the top dot on your target.  Then move back to 30 yards, use your 20 yard pin and aim at the same point.  You will hit low, but your arrow should be in line with the dot.  Then move back to 40 and 50 yards and repeat the process.  If your bow is properly tuned your arrows should fall in a vertical line.  If they move further left as you go back, your rest needs to be adjusted.  Move it to the right 1/32″ at a time until your arrows are falling in a vertical line. ~ Justin

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