My brother has a couple trail cams, but he cannot view the pictures until after deer season, when he takes his cameras home. I want to give him a picture viewer for Christmas. Being careful not to let him know this, I’ve found out that his trail cams use SIM, not SD cards. I know he does not have a plan for viewing them on his phone, or he would do that at camp at night. My question to you is this: Are there viewers available that read SIM cards? Alternatively, are there picture viewers with USB ports, and are there SIM card to USB adapters?

Question By Rich FloydSeptember 2, 2020

SIM cards are used by cellular devices to connect to a wireless network.  Even if a trail camera has cellular capabilities, it will still have an SD card to store the photos.  There are a variety of SD card readers that will connect to your mobile phone for checking photos. ~Justin

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