More of a thoughts on subject than a question. The county I hunt in wisconsin is giving out over 4 doe tags per license plus the option for 1,2,3 more. I understand that the dnr wants to have more deer killed in our county. My concern is that we try to manage our deer herd on 100 acres and the farmer adjacent to the north has a group of about 15 hunters on 200 acres that shoot as many as possible. That could be 60 to 100+ doe tags just for gun season. So for us it could really ruin hunting in our localized area of the county. I would like to see a limit of tags per private property for reasons like this. What are your thoughts?

Asked By Matthew KnightSep 1, 2020
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That's certainly not a terrible idea, but would be difficult to enforce without significant changes to the reporting and licensing in those areas.  Great in theory, but it may be tough to enforce in practice.  Although it's never a bad idea to bring up to local bowhunting groups or to present at the DNR meetings that are held for the purpose of public feedback. 

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