Is it better to use scent control on your hunting clothes or does it not matter?

Asked By Zander ZylaDec 29, 2022
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After broadheads and arrow weight, scent control is probably one of the most debated things in the hunting world. As for me, the number one most important thing when hunting is watching the wind and using it to your advantage. Now deer are obviously wild animals, so they don't always do what we think or want them to do. And in those cases, yes, scent control is very important. Are the scent control steps we take such as scent-free showers and spraying down with scent killer, 100% necessary? No. Plenty of people have killed plenty of deer without worrying about scent control. But in those certain instances when you need the deer to take a couple more steps, or you need him to stay put for a few more seconds, that's when scent control can make a difference.

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