Injured. Back in late Feb, while working out at the fitness center I over done it and strained my left shoulder. After 2 mths of nursing it myself and getting no where I finally went to the orthopedic for help and advice and x-ray. Luckily no rotor cuff tears just a severe bursitis strain. I’m a little better ( say about 75 % ) my problem is holding my bow with my left and drawing with my right I can only sling about 3 arrows, after that the left shoulder muscle is just weak as water. Can’t hold the bow steady. I’m shooting a Mathews Z7 Extreme 65 lb, 28.5 draw length. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Question By Stephen StoneSeptember 1, 2020

I did the exact same thing back in February of this year!  I couldn’t shoot my bow for a couple of months and even then it was a struggle.  For turkey season I used my target bow, which was set to 57 lbs instead of the 70 lbs I typically hunt with and that helped tremendously.  Fortunately, I’m back to normal now after almost 7 months.  The only thing you can do is continue to give it time to heal, shoot lower poundage, and fewer arrows.  If all else fails, a crossbow is always an option as well. ~ Justin

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