I’m an older archery hunter that is having trouble drawing a heavier poundage bow. I’m currently down to 50 pounds which I can do while seated in a chair but still have to double break that in occasion. My question is, should I continue to shoot my bow with 65 lb limbs turned down to 50 lb draw weight or would I be better off shooting sat a ladies bow that has a peak weight of 50 ? I have a draw length with a release of 28” and I see quite a few women’s bows go to that.

Question By Woody SmithSeptember 3, 2020

The old adage is that a bow shoots it’s best at or near peak draw weight.  However, quite a bit has changed in the last 30 years with bow design and technology, and that isn’t quite as true as it once was.  If your 65 lb bow shoots well at 50 lbs, there’s really no reason to change.  So long as your arrows fly true and you’re accurate, there is no reason not to.  Also, a lot of the “men’s” bows are available in 50 lbs peak draw weights if you want to go that route. ~Justin

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