I would like to know what your thoughts and or experiences are on Ozonics, Zero Trace, and Scent Thief field spray. I borrowed a friend’s Ozonic unit last season and noticed the difference but don’t know how repeatable that would be. I always try to play the wind with my setup but that doesn’t always work. I also take scent killer showers before each hunt, spray down, and keep my gear in a sealed tote. I’ve seen many commercials on Scent Thief spray. However, I have not used it either. I am curious to know what you think. Thank you for your time.Neil

Question By Neil EimerSeptember 8, 2020

Nobody on our team has used the Zero Trace or Scent Thief products, so we can’t help with that part of the question.  A few have used Ozonics in the past, and they do like them and believe they work.  Just make sure you have your batteries charged up!

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