I paper-tuned 2 different arrow setups, one being what I used last year – 340 spine with 12g insert and 100-grain field point, and new for this year a 300 spine with 100g insert and 100-grain field point. Arrows at 29″ and bow set at 70lb. While shooting at 20yds, everything seems fine and groups well, but I backed up to 30 and there was noticeable erratic arrow flight from both setups. Accurate and hitting the right spot, but not pretty. I’m lost.

Asked By Joshua BaxterAug 27, 2022
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While there could be a couple different possible tuning issues, I believe there is one main issue causing this. You are most likely under-spined, even with the 300 spine arrows. For your specs, the 340 spine arrows are right at the cut-off and are possibly too weak. As for the 300's, those are definitely too weak with a 100-grain insert, and 100-grain field point. I would recommend replacing the 100-grain inserts on your 300 spine arrows, with the 12-grain inserts, and see if that fixes your flight issues.

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