I noticed on most TV programs that the animal is not field dressed until back home, most times the next day. They mention nothing about spoilage. I live in Montana and our weather is usually very cool during hunting season. Most people that I know have a problem with meat spoilage if the wind pipe and guts are not removed as soon as possible. I know that the animal starts to spoil and bloat as soon as it dies. Just curious as to what your experiences are?

Question By Jim WyantSeptember 3, 2020

Hey Jim – I’m not sure which shows you’re seeing this on, but I can tell you from experience that we always field dress our animals right away after harvesting them.  We may do our initial recovery interviews before dressing the animal, and a few quick photos, but then it’s dressed and hauled out of the woods ASAP.  Anyone who leaves the guts in the animal overnight for photos is doing a big disservice to all hunters. ~Justin

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