I know you guys tend only in the best part of the season. However, How is your luck in December? Have you guys hunted much in December?

Question By Paul BlackburnSeptember 2, 2020

Here in the Midwest, December can be either really good or really bad for hunting.  After the rut winds down we focus primarily on food sources.  If we have good food and the weather is cold, the hunting can be amazing.  When the temps fall and the snow flies, it pushes the deer into the food sources and forces them to eat more frequently to sustain body temps.  We’ve had some of our best and most memorable hunts during these conditions.  However, if the weather in December is really warm, the deer tend to be scattered and don’t move as much during the daylight.  You can still get the job done, but it takes a lot more patience and a little bit of luck. ~Justin

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