I just ordered my new VXR, I was wondering on your thoughts of arrow weight. I’ll be around 65 lbs with a 27” draw. The big drive now is high foc I mainly hunt deer in MN-Wisconsin. Any thoughts on spine and arrow weight?

Asked By Keith GeisslerSep 3, 2020

First off, congrats on the new bow!  You’re going to love that VXR.  It’s a great bow.  As for spine, with your arrow length and draw weight, you’re looking at a 400 spine arrow.   When it comes to total arrow weight, that’s a bit of a loaded question.  400 spine arrows tend to a be on the lighter side, so you’ll likely want to use brass inserts or some sort of weight system to bump up overall arrow weight.  Something like an Easton Axis 5mm at 9.0 grains per inch along with a 50 grain brass HIT insert and 100 grain broadhead is going to put you around 425 grains, give or take depending on vanes, nock, etc.  I feel like that’s a great balance of speed and weight to get the job done on any whitetail.  If you wanted to bump that up a little more, the 75 grain brass insert would be an option as well. ~Justin

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