I have been trying to sight in my bow and shooting low until I have completely run out of adjustment. I started at 20 yards trying to set my top pin and have no more room. I have been doing as told and that’s chase your arrows but nothing has changed.

Asked By Mac RiveraSep 26, 2022
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Mac - it sounds like you may have something else wrong with the tune of your bow that's preventing you from getting it sighted in properly.  I would start over at the beginning and double-check everything to ensure it's set up properly.  That would include your rest height, center shot, nock point, and cam timing.  I would also try paper tuning or bare shaft tuning to make sure your arrow is flying true.  If any of those things are really out of whack it will prevent you from sighting in properly. Since you're hitting low my guess is that you have either an arrow rest height or nocking point height issue. Either rest too low or nock too high. Or a combination of both.

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