How long is your typical rattling sequence? How often do you rattle?

Asked By Donald PachniakNov 30, 2022
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When it comes to rattling, I'm not sure that you can ever do it too much. Personally, I'm someone that rattles pretty loud and often. And I'll generally try rattling on every single hunt from early October until late December and January. It might only be one time in the last 30-45 minutes of light, on certain hunts, but I never hit the woods without my rattling antlers. Take a look back through your previous years of trail cam photos and you'll see bucks sparring once the velvet comes off, all the way until they shed their antlers. It may not be as often or as intense as November can be, but they're still doing it all the time. And when it comes to the rut, I'll try to rattle almost every 30 minutes. Bucks are moving a lot during the rut, and you never know when one might be within earshot.

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