I have a bear attitude set at about 63 pounds and have a 30” draw length. I’m having issues holding steady and also my single pin sight is maxed out at 30 yards. My question is, what should I be looking for as far as a stabilizer setup? Also, what is a good 5-pin sight that would get me out to 60 yards while still being on a budget? I’m going on an Arizona DIY mule deer hunt with a couple buddies and would feel better if I could get out there 40-50 yards.

Asked By Keith TillotsonAug 3, 2022
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Hey Keith - it sounds like you have a few different things going on.  First, you should take a look at your sight setup and make sure that it's adjusted properly.  With your specs there is no reason you should be maxed out at 30 yards on your sight.  My guess is that you have the pin housing set too high on the mounting bracket.  If that happens you will run out of vertical adjustment on your sight quicker.  When I sight in a single-pin sight I always adjust the vertical travel on the sight as high as it will go first, and then adjust the scope to the proper location to be dead-on at 20 yards.  You want to adjust the scope up and down rather than adjusting the slide on your sight.  This gives you the maximum amount of yardage to work with.  Rather than spending the money on a new sight, I would check that first.

If you plan on shooting longer distances on a spot-and-stalk type of hunt, you may want to see what you can do to increase your arrow speed as well.  That will help with trajectory and allow for a flatter-shooting arrow that can help compensate for slight miscalculations in distance.  If you're already having a hard time holding steady I wouldn't add more draw weight, so you may want to lighten your arrow a bit if you're shooting something on the heavier side.  I like something in the low-mid 400's for most of my deer hunting.

As for stabilizers, I like something in the 10-12" range out front with a couple of ounces of weight on it.  That will make a big difference in how steady you can hold on target.  You can also look into rear/back stabilizers as well.  But if you're on a budget, a nice front bar and a lot of practice is the best way to improve.  I'm using the Dead Center - Dead Silent Hunting Series V2, 10" long with 3 ounces of weight.

Good luck on your hunt this fall!

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