Hi I’m looking to upgrade my old Mathews Outback. I’m looking at either the Mathews Vertix or the traverse. I’m shooting a 60 pound bow tight now. I’m a 28.5 inch draw and I’ 5’10’’. I hunt mostly esteem whitetail but would probably plan an elk hunting trip eventually. I like the versatility of the vertix but I think the traverse is not getting enough love. I would probably look at a 60 pound vertix with 70 pound mods or a 70 pound traverse. Any thoughts on both?

Question By Jean-Francois CoteSeptember 1, 2020

Having owned both I will say I like the Traverse better.  There’s something about that bow that just feels “right” to me.  I still own it and use it for turkey hunting and indoor archery.  It may be the bow I own forever and never get rid of!  Although I would try to shoot them both to see which one you prefer.  What feels great to me, might not feel great to you.  Either way, you can’t really go wrong. ~Justin

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