hi I got a hunting question for you guys. I hunt in northeast Wisconsin and Iam wondering if you guys had any tips or tricks for my question? Every year from June to early September we always have a ton of bucks on camera including some big bucks but it always seems that they just disappear and never see them again. Our farm is on the edge of a big timber of hard woods so we have a bunch of farm fields right on the edge of the property so food plots don’t make a lot of sense so wondering what else we can do to try and get these bucks to stick around all year. Thanks for the help!

Question By Trever SpudeSeptember 3, 2020

In my experience, bucks are driven by 3 things.  Security, food and does.  You need to have at least 1 or 2 of these if you want to attract and hold bucks in your hunting area.  My guess is that the dee are feeding on something in your area during the summer and early fall, then transitioning to another food source, which is why you’re losing them.  Around here, when the deer leave the ag fields they’re usually heading for acorns.  I would start there and see what you can come up with. ~Justin

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