Guys, reading the article on Pope & Young’s stance on the cameras brings to question? Does this argument on technology also apply to the Burris Oracle rangefinding bow sight, given its ability to automatically range the target and adjust the aiming point accordingly? I went to Burris website and I see no mention of its possible restrictions or issues with acceptance from P&Y or local game laws. Your thoughts?

Question By Randy McDanielAugust 21, 2020

Randy, here is a direct quote from the Pope & Young Club’s website:

“Electronic or battery-powered devices shall not be attached to a hunting bow, with the exception of recording devices that cast no light towards the target and do not aid in rangefinding, sighting or shooting the bow.”

So the answer is NO, you can not enter a buck for P&Y if you were using a Burris Oracle Rangefinding Sight, or any other automatic rangefinding sights.

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