Fletching Jigs. Tried the Bitz. Hard for me to adjust it properly and, setting it back to previous settings. Really do not care for the multi-fletch type Jigs. Kinda’ takes all the fun out of it. Then there is the ones that cost (YIKES!!) What I am looking for is quality, affordable, ease of use, and fairly easy to clean. Where can I find some good reviews, and/or recommendations. Thanks, J.

Asked By Jody PuntApr 27, 2022
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Hey Jody - the best place to check out is definitely LancasterArchery.com.  They're going to have the widest selection of fletching jigs with lots of customer reviews.  You can also reach out to their tech support team for help.  They're as knowledgable as anyone in the business!  Personally, I've been using a Bitzenburger for over 30 years without issue.  It's widely considered the gold standard for fletching arrows - outside of the Last Chance Vane Master which, as you mentioned, may require a second mortgage on your house to afford.  You may want to check YouTube for some setup help on the Bitz.  Once you get it figured out, you'll love it.

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