VIP Combat Veteran Broadhead

By Brad KaufmannMarch 18, 2021

The Combat Veteran broadhead from Veteran Innovative Products, is the latest in their line of broadheads. Check it out in the video below…

Combat Veteran Specs

The Combat Veteran broadhead is a 4-blade broadhead with a cutting diameter of 2 inches. Each pack comes with 3 broadheads, as well as their VIP Practice Point to sight in with. When ready to hunt, simply screw on the broadhead as it has an identical impact point as a field point.

These broadheads are traditional, compound, and crossbow compatible, and are offered in both 100 grains as well as 125 grains.

They cost $55 per pack and can be found here – www.lancasterarchery.com

Brad Kaufmann
Brad is a full time employee with Bowhunting.com. He works behind the scenes with both the Bowhunt or Die Webshow, and many of the videos and articles that Bowhunting.com produces.
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