Prime REVEX 2 Bow Review

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The all-new Prime REVEX bow is a continuation of the brand’s commitment to a new direction in bow design built specifically for greater stability and accuracy. Prime bows have a longstanding reputation for being some of the most balanced bows on the market. But in the past, that balance came at a price. It was attributed largely to their parallel cam design which was big, bulky, and over-engineered. After a long run with that design, the company came to the table with a new and improved cam design for the 2022 year. It was a one-cam, inline design that was a much more simplified concept, yet maintained the pure balance the bows are known for. 

Prime Revex Bow Review
Meet the 2023 Prime REVEX 2

For 2023, the all-new REVEX builds on the new design, yet takes things a step further with a fresh new CORE cam in the mix to make a great bow even better. The result is a bow built to be more efficient than ever. Like we’ve seen in the past, this series offers multiple bow size options to cover a wide range of shooters. This bow review specifically covers the REVEX 2 with a 32″ axle to axle length, but you’ll also find a REVEX 4 (34″ axle to axle) and REVEX 6 (36″ axle to axle).  

Take a closer look at the 2023 REVEX 2 in our bow review below.   

Specs on the REVEX 2 / REVEX 4 / REVEX 6

Top New Bows For 2022
Speed:338fps | 340fps | 330fps
Axle-to-Axle:32″ | 34″ | 36″
Mass Weight: 4.5lbs | 4.6lbs | 4.7lbs
Brace Height: 6.25″ | 6.25″ | 6.75″
Draw Length: 26″ – 31.5″
Draw Weight:40 – 80lbs
MSRP:$1,299 | $1,299 | $1,399


In 2022, we saw Prime make the departure from their parallel cam technology. It was the cam design that resulted in an incredibly balanced bow, but that balance came at a price. It was big, bulky, and a little too over the top for most archers. The engineers realized this and developed the Inline bow series in 2022. It was a more traditional cam design built to bring the cables and string “inline” during the draw cycle. It’s a slick and smooth design that still lends itself to a better balanced system. 

Prime builds off that same concept for 2023 with the introduction of their new CORE Cam system. They’re calling it the smoothest cam system they’ve ever created, and after just a few shots on the range, I tend to agree. It is easily their smoothest shooting bow yet. Prime says the CORE Cam is the only system on the market that actively works to reduce cam lean. As mentioned above, this cam technology brings the strings and cables in line with each other, making the cam perfectly balanced throughout the entire draw cycle. 

But the single biggest change in the new CORE Cam system is that it now features draw length-specific mods that allow the bow to reach maximum efficiency at every draw length. So while you have the rotating mod to make multiple draw length adjustments from a single mod, you’ll be shooting with confidence knowing you’re setup with a single draw length mod built to deliver the best in speed and efficiency.  

Prime Revex Bow Review
The REVEX 2 CORE Cam System

Center Grip Riser

Another feature built into this bow to boost balance and performance is the Center Grip Riser. It’s become a standard feature found in Prime bows with the sole purpose of improving aiming and accuracy. How does it work?

By moving the grip to the center of the bow, you’ll find more mass is shifted below the grip. The result is maximum stability and accuracy without needing to add additional weight and improving the entire shooting system. Stability truly comes standard with the way this bow is laid out to achieve greater balance throughout the shot. 

Prime Revex Bow Review
Center Grip Riser

Nano Grip

The Nano Grip is another carry over we’ve seen in previous bows from Prime. The popular grip design was built for the ultimate combination of comfort and consistency. Made with Aerogel technology, the grip offers a warm-to-the-touch feel for greater comfort, no matter how cold the weather turns. The longer you hold the grip, the warmer it gets. 

Prime Revex Bow Review
Nano Grip

Performance on the Range

After spending some time on the range, I quickly found this bow to be a noticeably better build than what we saw in the early days of Prime bows. It truly is their smoothest shooting bow yet. The bow draws smooth and simple from front to back, with no bumps or humps. And like the bows that came before it, it’s incredibly balanced at full draw, despite not having the parallel cam design. 

Vibration and hand shock is slim to none. The bow is easily one of the top 3 smoothest shooting bows we’ve laid hands on so far this year when it comes to flagship hunting bows. 

Shooting through the chrono with my 412 grain hunting arrow, I got speeds of 286 feet per second. It’s obviously not the fastest bow this year, but it’s got all it needs. And it makes up for it in how smooth and balanced it is throughout the shot cycle. 

REVEX 2 / 28″ DL / 70# DW / 412gn Arrow / 286 FPS 

Prime Revex Bow Review
On the range with the REVEX 2.

The REVEX 2 is priced at $1299. Check it out at your local Prime dealer, or visit them online at www.g5prime.com

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Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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