New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2023

By Justin ZarrJanuary 12, 2023

LAST UPDATED: June 20th, 2023

The saddle hunting gear options continue to grow each year and there were several big releases in this category for 2023. Below you’ll find a look at the best new saddle hunting gear for the 2023 season.

Tethrd LockDown Saddle

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2023

The new LockDown Saddle by Tethrd is the first retractable 2-panel saddle in their lineup. The LockDown features replaceable elastic that allows the saddle to open to the full 2-panel position when sitting, and retract when pressure is taken off.

It comes with removeable suspenders and a brand new one-handed pocket design on both sides. The Utilibridge 2.0 will stay put and won’t move no matter how much you’re moving around.

Price – $350-400 (estimate)

Tethrd Gen 3 ONE Stick

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2023

The One climbing stick achieves an industry first ONE pound weight INCLUDING the DynaLite™ Rope attachment. The 6061 CNC precision machined step-standoff one-piece design is deadly quiet and maximizes strength. This combined with the titanium tube means the Tethrd One Stick is featherlight to pack in, yet easy to maneuver and set in the tree.

The Tethrd One stick is engineered with Grade 9 aerospace titanium. It is immune to corrosion, 50% lighter than steel, and 300% stronger than aluminum.** This seamless construction yields EXTREME strength-to-weight ratios.

Weight – 16oz. (including rope attachment)

Height – 18.5″

Price – $349.99 (3-pack) / $139.99 (single)

Tethrd FAS Pack

New Hunting Backpacks For 2023

The Tethrd crew continues to crank out some of the best of the best in saddle hunting gear each year. The team has recently launched their all-new FAS Pack. Their goal was to make it 100% American made, infinitely modular, customizable, and well suited for the minimalist. The result was a small pack with big potential. 

The main body of pack is constructed of 500D Cordura and Squadron B-52 materials. It has all the room you need. It’s got infinite options for strapping and lashing gear and accessories to the outside and the perfect amount of space for your valuables on the inside. 

Storage – 1,000 cu in (Main Compartment)

Weight – 3lbs

Price – $349.99

Timber Ninja Black Belt Nano Saddle

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2023

The Black Belt Nano from Timber Ninja was designed with the minimalist in mind. It is perfect for someone who wants to have the versatility of a single panel in their arsenal. This saddle, in its entirety, was designed and manufactured in North Carolina.

The Nano is made of 4 way stretch American made technical fabrics that have a higher tensile strength than Ripstop. The Nano is the lightest single panel on the market at 1lb and it comes with magnetic stick holders and a magnetic platform holder.

Weight – 1lb

Price – $325 (estimate)

Timber Ninja Black Belt Ultimate

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2023

The Black Belt Ultimate is Timber Ninja’s 2-panel saddle. The company says it’s the lightest on the market in its class, and much like the Nano, is made with American made fabrics. This 2-panel incorporates all the “extras” with a few additional features like the “mud-flap” stick carrier and magnetic platform holder.

The Ultimate was designed with a focus on minimizing hip pinch, with the hopes of eliminating it completely. The Ultimate meets the OSHA Fall restraint testing.

Weight – 1.3lbs

Price – $400 (estimate)

Trophyline Onyx Saddle Platform

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2023

The Onyx from Trophyline is a saddle platform that is a fusion of their EDP, Mission, and Wingman platforms. The Onyx contains an Angled Permiter – angles on each side of the platform, with built-in non-slip ridges, containing the ideal contact points for foot placement and comfort.

The Platform also was built with the new Claw Design – a single cast post, standoff, and stomp pad built and integrated together. It also includes their

Dimensions – 14.9″ X 13″

Weight – 4.5lbs

Price – $229.99

Trophyline Palisade EVA Pack

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2023

The Palisade pack was purpose-built for saddle hunting gear & our 365-day hunting lifestyle. With an EVA Molded Foam Body & Bucket Fill Design this pack has 16 pockets, comes in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland Camo, and has a platform pouch. The Palisade gives you a strong and durable pack that can literally hold its own.

Storage – 1,600 cu in

Weight – 3lb 9oz

Price – $189.99

Latitude Carbon SS Climbing Sticks

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2023

The Latitude Outdoors Carbon SS Climbing Sticks are a single, continuous piece of carbon fiber material that’s 18″ in length and just over 1 lb. There are no moving parts and no hardware, so there’s nothing to come loose no matter how hard you run the sticks.

The carbon material is extremely rigid so bent standoffs/steps are no longer a problem. They also designed a new attachment method that eliminates noisy, cumbersome cam buckle straps.

Weight – 17oz.

Length – 18″

Price – $239.99 (3-pack) / $85.99 (single)

Trophyline Venatic Saddle

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2023

The Venatic Saddle is made out of lightweight, breathable rip-stop fabric and weighs in at just 20 ounces. It features a rubber waistband to keep it in place when walking or hanging in a tree.

It’s made in the USA and comes in 2 different colors; black or brown. This saddle also comes in 2 different sizes, either Large/XL or Medium/Large.

Weight – 20oz.

Price – $299.99

XOP Mondo Saddle & Harness Combo

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2023

XOP created the new Mondo Saddle/Harness based off the Renegade they came out with last year. New for 2023 are buckled leg straps, a new waist belt, elastic straps to keep extra straps contained.

Like the Renegade, the Mondo can double as a treestand safety harness so this will work for saddle and fixed position treestand hunters alike.

Price – $149.99

XOP Invader Platform

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2023

The new Invader Platform is ultra-compact and lightweight. The platform measures at just 12″ wide by 12″ long, and it weighs only 2.9lbs.

It’s an aluminum platform that features a leveling platform adjustment on the back, and a 4-point bracket for secure attachment when hunting.

Dimensions – 12″ X 12″

Weight – 2.9lbs

Price – $199.99

Out On a Limb Slick Rick

New Saddle Hunting Gear For 2023

The Out On a Limb crew continues to deliver some of the most innovative treestand and saddle hunting gear you’ll find anywhere. You’ll see it in their all-new Slick Rick climbing stick. It’s the first one-stick to be equipped with both a folding top and folding bottom platform for the utimate in packability and mobility. The Slick Rick also includes an attached pull up cable to keep you more efficient as you climb. 

Features on the Slick Rick: 

  • (4) Teflon Washers for smooth, quiet adjustment and packability
  • Adjustable Top: 20 Degrees of Adjustment
  • Width of top platform: 13″
  • Depth of top platform: 8″
  • Width of bottom platform step: 9 5/8″
  • Depth of bottom platform step: 6″

Weight – 4.2lbs

Length – 16″

Price – $299.99

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