New Hunting Gear & Accessories for 2024

By Brodie SwisherJanuary 16, 2024

Shopping for new archery and bowhunting gear and accessories? We’ve got you covered. There are plenty of great new gear, gadgets, and accessory items that have been unleashed for the new year. Here’s a look at our roundup of some of the top new hunting gear and accessories for 2024. 

Fourth Arrow GoPro Mount and Camera Arm

New Hunting Accessories For 2024

The crew at Fourth Arrow has released another round of great gear designed to make the job of filming your hunt easier than ever. Their all-new GoPro Mount is a quiet and user-friendly option that allows you to place your POV camera where you need it. It’s an adjustable design that flexes easily to ensure you get the shot, without making the noise most other mounts make. Price – $25

They’re also releasing an updated version of their Baton Arm 2.0, a budget friendly camera arm that is about as compact as any other option on the market. Its’s a great camera arm for the hunter toting a lightweight camera to the woods, or when filming with your smartphone. Price – $100

A new fluid head option is also being added to the lineup for 2024. This new fluid head is super smooth, compact, yet rock solid to help you get a better quality production of your hunt. Price – $110

ABB Launch Bowstrings

New Hunting Accessories For 2024

America’s Best Bowstrings, the leader in aftermarket bowstring technology, has introduced an all-new line of custom bowstrings called the LAUNCH series. Featuring a proprietary 425XE fiber, the new Launch strings provide the accuracy and reliability that ABB is known for, now in a more durable material that will hold up better to the rigors of hunting season.

Check it out in the video below with Justin Zarr.

Rakk Fuel Six Shooter and Tombstone Seed Blends

New Hunting Accessories For 2024

Rakk Fuel has released two new unique food plot seed blends that are designed to be easy to plant and attract deer to your plots. Six Shooter is a combination of rape, turnips, rutabaga, cabbage, and Swiss chard designed to be planted in late summer or early fall that produces a ton of leafy foliage. Tombstone is a blend of brassicas and clovers that also produce a lot of leafy greens, but the clover will return the following year to help provide Spring nutrition when the deer need it the most.

JAKT Gear Ready Ranger

New Hunting Accessories For 2024

The crew at JAKT Gear are always coming up with some really handy gear to make life easier for the archer and bowhunter. For 2024, they’ve turned things up a notch with the introduction of their all new Treestand Gear Collection. In that collection you’ll find the Ready Ranger. It’s a magnetic landing pad that keeps your rangefinder (or phone) always at the ready. The system was named Best New Accessory at the 2024 Archery Trade Association Show. It comes with an adhesive-backed steel plate that mounts to the side of your rangefinder (or the back of your phone) and magnetically pairs with the Ready Ranger to secure your electronic device when not in use. The super-strong neodymium magnet is encased in a nylon webbing pouch that contains a neoprene padding layer to keep everything silent when connecting to your device.

Ready Ranger comes with multiple attachment accessories to enable attachment to any vertical or horizontal webbing on your gear. A shoulder strap webbing adapter (sold separately) is available for gear not equipped with factory-installed shoulder webbing.

 Price – $49.95

Garmin XERO C1 Pro Chronograph

New Hunting Accessories For 2024

Wanna know your arrow speed, quick and simple? Check out the new XERO C1 Pro Chronogoraph from Garmin. It easily allows you to collect all the essential data for ballistics calculations of your arrow speed. The XERO C1 Pro provides the speed data you need, measuring projectile speeds from 100 fps to 5,000 fps. It’s got a lengthy battery life, allowing up to 2,000 shots, or 6 hours to give you plenty of time on the range. 

Price – $599

StealthRig Lite

New Hunting Accessories For 2024

The StealthRig Lite was designed to be a super versatile tool to help make packing your bow easier than ever. The StealthRig Lite can be worn with other bino harnesses, on a pack, or on a truck seat. It’s a great to protect your bow and always ensure that’s it within easy reach. The harness design allows your bow to ride securely on your pack on the hike in, but still be easily assessable. This pairs great with the StealthRig when you drop pack and need to make the final stalk.

Price – $159

Pelican Air Bow Case

New Hunting Accessories For 2024

Pelican cases are nearly bomb-proof. Photographers, hunters, and outdoorsmen have long trusted these cases with their most precious gear. The new Pelican Air 1745 Bow Case is no different. It’s the long-awaited bow case solution from the leader in premium protection. This case was expertly designed to meet the unique needs of the most demanding bowhunters. Designed with the trademark Pelican Air case construction, it’s up to 40% lighter weight than the competition, minimizing additional travel costs. The exterior features six heavy duty, push button latches (including two TSA approved locking latches), 4 stainless steel lock hasps, and wheels for easy transit. The interior components provide modular storage, allowing for a wide range of configurations for your unique bow and accessory kit.

Price – $479

Tetrad Ultimate Duffel Bag

New Hunting Accessories For 2024

The Tetrad Duffel Bag from Twisted Iron Hunting is unique concept in gear storage and organization for the traveling hunter. The main section of the Tetrad is 35 inches long, 14 inches wide and 10 inches tall, giving you over 74L of storage in this one section alone. It’s lined with nylon and a built in zippered pocket, there is plenty of room for those big items. You’ll  find four additional pouch pockets sit at each corner to provide another 48L of storage. With a combined storage capacity of over 120L, the Tetrad can handle all of your gear with ease. 

Price – $109

Compass Cart

New Hunting Accessories For 2024

Getting your deer out of the woods can often be the toughest part of the hunt. And when you get your deer back to the truck, loading it to the tailgate or hitch haul can be even more difficult. That’s why the Compass Cart is perfectly suited for the deer hunter. It’s a one-of-a-kind utility cart that effortlessly slides up onto your rear hitch via the Compass Rack. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of loading and unloading your gear, simply fill-up the cart, effortlessly slide it onto your vehicle, and head out for adventure with absolute ease. Make deer hauling easier than ever with the Compass Cart.  

Price – $1295

Montana Knife Speedgoat 2.0

New Hunting Accessories For 2024

The Speedgoat 2.0 from Montana Knife Company retains the trusted blade of its predecessor while introducing safety features and ergonomic improvements. With a new finger guard for added safety and a slightly longer handle for better grip, you’ll experience unmatched control and comfort in every cut. Additional enhancements include added thickness in high-stress areas for increased strength, a widened lanyard hole in the handle for easy threading of paracord, and minor tweaks to the handle shape for improved ergonomics.

Price – $225

Crossbow Spider

New Hunting Accessories For 2024

Crafted with meticulous precision utilizing premium materials, the Crossbow Spider offers an innovative design with an exceptionally durable construction built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for various forms of transportation. It is proudly made in the USA, embodying the continued Bow Spider commitment to the exceptional craftmanship of its products. Like the original Bow Spider, the Crossbow Spider features an ingenious design that allows the user to carry the bow hands-free. It is no longer necessary to carry a case or a sling. You can also securely store your crossbow with the Crossbow Spider in your car, your treestand, at home or hunting camp.

Price – $109.99.

Moultrie Mobile Feed Hub

New Hunting Accessories For 2024

Make the feeding and bait station chores easier than ever with the Feed Hub from Moultrie Mobile. The Feed Hub brings the power and convenience of cellular technology to deer feeders, giving you full control over feed times and peace of mind that your feeder is working properly. You’ll also receive alerts when it’s time to plan a trip to refill. It’s a great addition to your feeder to make life easier on the farm. 

Price – $99

FoxPro HellCat Pro

New Hunting Accessories For 2024

The FoxPro Hellcat Pro is an all-in-one decoy and digital game call that’s small and portable while delivering big volume. The Hellcat Pro was designed with larger amplifiers, and the Lithium Battery provides more voltage to make this unit significantly louder than the Hellcat. One of the industry’s most popular remotes is included, the TX-1000, making it a great choice for both beginner and more advanced hunters. It comes standard with 200+ sounds that cover a variety of species, distress sounds, and vocalizations and can store up to 1000 sounds. With FoxPro’s popular bluebird topper, the decoy adds realism to your stand, giving visual confirmation to weary predators. It has an auxiliary jack to add additional approved devices and it comes with a lithium battery and charger kit in the box. 

Price – $399

Rinehart Mule Deer Buck

New Hunting Accessories For 2024

Rinehart has been making some of the toughest archery targets ever made for the last several decades. They’ve got a little bit of everything in their exciting line of targets, from all the big game, to the small critters too. However, for 2024 they’ve added several new targets to the mix to fill out the line with a few new critters. You’ll find the new Semi-Sneak Mule Deer, Signature Bear and Signature 1/2 Scale Big Horn Sheep. 

Check back often for updates and additions to the best new gear and accessories for 2024.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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