New Helo Treestand By Novix Outdoors

By Brad KaufmannJuly 1, 2021

Novix Outdoors has just released their new “Helo” treestand. It’s one of the lightest and most compact treestands on the market today.

Check it out in their release video…

Helo Specs

New Helo Treestand By Novix Outdoors

The Helo treestand comes in at just 9.4lbs total. It’s a great option for the Run-N-Gun deer hunter as it’s lightweight and very compact.

The platform of the Helo measures 26″ long, by 16″ at its widest point. They were able to trim some of the weight by making the platform a bit thinner closer to the tree.

Despite its smaller platform, the seat is still a bit bigger at 14″ wide, by 10″ from front to back.

Features Of The Helo

New Helo Treestand By Novix Outdoors

This treestand comes equipped with their seat and platform leveling systems, as well as their offset bracket. So no matter how crooked or angled the tree is, you can almost always adjust it to sit level.

The Helo also comes with 2 Novix belt straps. These straps are tailor-made for this stand so they can fit around their versa buttons, and be tightened down.

Helo Treestand Overview

As opposed to the regular welded aluminum treestands, the Helo is made from cast aluminum. This means that it’s quieter, lighter, and more durable than other hang-ons.

Another great thing about the Helo, and all other Novix treestands, is that they’re made in the USA!

The retail price of a Helo is $239.99 and they’re available now at their website –

Here are a few more pictures so you can get a better look at this new stand…

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