New ATV/UTV Accessories From Moose Utility Division

By Brad KaufmannFebruary 16, 2021

Moose Utility Division has just about every UTV and ATV accessory you may ever need. From wheels and bumpers, to implements and electrical components.

We got the opportunity to talk with their creative director, Kevin Kelly, about some of their new products for this year…

New Front & Rear Bumpers

The new front and rear bumpers for 2021 have a bolt-on design, which requires no drilling. The ATV bumpers are 1 1/2″ tubular steel, and the UTV bumpers have 1 3/4″ tubular steel. It has full coverage for head light and tail light protection, and also has multiple frame mounting points for added strength.

The sleek design is made with a powder-coated steel. But if you purchase the Honda bumpers, they are gloss, and the Yamaha one’s are made with a wrinkle finish. Depending on the model, prices range from $199.95 – $309.95 for the front bumpers, and $169.95 – $324.95 for rear bumpers.

Winch Cushion

While this may look like an insignificant product, having a winch cushion is extremely helpful. Having an impact absorbing rubber stop can prevent bottoming out of the winch. It also keeps the hook from rattling around while driving. This winch cushion comes at a price of $11.95.

New Poly ATV/UTV Plow

The new poly plow is made with a black poly face and a steel rib structure. It’s lighter than steel, so you can use a wider plow with a machine that isn’t as powerful, like an ATV. It’s available in either 60″ or 72″, and includes a plow flap.

It has easy 2-pin implementation and works on all Moose push tubes, standard, RM4, and RM5. It’s 1/8″ thick and won’t rust, unlike a steel plow. The 60″ plow has an MSRP of $428.95 and the 72″ comes in at $465.95.


Along with these great new products, Moose Utility Division has an expansive list of great UTV and ATV accessories. From checking trail cameras to planting food plots, they have just about anything you may need for your outdoor pursuits.

Check out all the products at their website –

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