New PSE Nock-On Carbon Levitate

By Brad KaufmannOctober 19, 20212 Comments

John Dudley and the crew at PSE continue to turn the crank on next-level bow design and engineering to deliver their latest offering. The 2022 PSE Carbon Levitate was built to be a performance bow in a lightweight package. 

New Pse Nock On Carbon Levitate
The all-new PSE Carbon Levitate features an American-made carbon riser, new E-2 cam system and redesigned limbs for improved stability.

This latest new bow from PSE, with influence from Dudley, was just released today. It’s an impressive new design from the company that has been climbing back to find its place among the best of the best in modern day bow builds.

Meet the all-new PSE Nock-On Carbon Levitate in the video below…

Specs on the PSE Nock-On Carbon Levitate


Axle to Axle – 32.25″

Speed – 348 fps

Brace Height – 6″

Draw Lengths – 27.5″ to 31.5″

Draw Weight – 60/70/80 lbs

Adjustable Let-off – 80/85/90%

The Levitate bow is the second carbon fiber bow in the Nock On line-up, along with last year’s Carbon Air Mach 1.  Built with an American-made Dead Frequency Carbon riser that is said to quiet noise and vibration better than ever, the Carbon Levitate is designed to be a lighter foundation, while maintaining its strength and integrity.

Built with the new E2 cam system, wider limbs and limb pockets, and a new lock-down cable guard system, the Carbon Levitate delivers fresh upgrades in performance features while maintaining a super-efficient hunting bow. Even when completely rigged out for hunting, the bow is coming in at under 5 pounds, ready to hunt (depending on accessories). 

The Levitate is rumored to be wearing a price tag around the $1,900 mark, but that has yet to be confirmed.

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