Kansas Moves Toward Ban on Bait for Deer

By Brodie SwisherAugust 3, 202312 Comments

The Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks is exploring the growing concern for the impact that baiting is having on the state’s whitetail deer herd. 

On June 22, 2023, KDWP held a public panel discussion on baiting wildlife with subject matter experts from Kansas, North Dakota, and Oklahoma. The state currently allows baiting on private lands, which comprises 98 percent of the state. It is illegal to bait wildlife on public lands, and lands enrolled in the Walk-in Hunting Access program. 

What does the state consider baiting?

The Department currently defines baiting wildlife as “The act of intentionally placing food, or nutrient substances, to manipulate the behavior of wildlife species;” This is not to be confused with agricultural food plots or backyard birdfeeders. 

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However, the recent meeting highlighted ongoing concerns of the potential threat baiting plays on the state’s deer herd. Presenters in the meeting discussed baiting’s impact on increased predation, nuisance and damage issues, disease transmission and more. 

The KDWP’s next steps will be to host several town hall-style public meetings in the coming months to solicit broader input on the issue. 

According to the state’s website, staff members intend to make baiting wildlife a regular discussion item at future Commission meetings, but no official regulation recommendations are planned. 

Check out the commission meeting in the video below…

What Are The Concerns?

Due to growing concerns within the scientific community about increases in transmissible diseases among wildlife, staff and Commissioners with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks have taken the first steps in what will be a multi-year exploration of issues surrounding baiting wildlife – a leading cause of the unnatural congregation of wildlife and subsequent spreading of diseases. 

The topic has obviously prompted concerns from a number of outfitters and hunters who rely on baiting in Kansas for increased opportunities to fill their tags. 

Travis “T-Bone” Turner made a call to action on his TBoneOutdoors Instagram account encouraging hunters to call Kansas commissioners to let their voices be heard. His post was met with mixed opinions and feedback. Like we’ve seen before, some hunters are okay with baiting deer, while others seem to hate it. 

Kansas Moves Toward Ban On Bait For Deer

We want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on the potential ban of baiting in Kansas? Would it be good or bad for hunters? 

Comment below, and let us know what you think. 

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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