HuntStand’s Best Broadheads of 2021

By Brodie SwisherSeptember 15, 20211 Comment

The crew at HuntStand recently conducted their broadhead field tests for the 2021 year. The test puts a handful of broadhead brands through head to head testing to reveal strengths and failures of each. The test included both fixed blade, mechanical, and hybrid style broadheads in the mix. Tests were designed to demonstrate accuracy, penetration, and durability of each head.

Check out the testing in the video below…

Best Value Winner - Wasp SharpShooter

The Best Value winner is the Wasp SharpShooter fixed blade broadhead. 

This cut-on-contact broadhead, designed with a self-aligning blade locking system. The system utilizes a hardened stainless steel forward section that aligns the main blade to the ferrule. This eliminates misaligned blades and poor arrow flight. The SharpShooter broadhead has a 1” cutting diameter with .040” main blades and .027” bleeder blades. All blades are replaceable. 100 grains. 3 Per Pack.

Price – $37.99 


Huntstand's Best Broadheads Of 2021
Best Value goes to the Wasp SharpShooter broadhead.

Silver Award - SIK F3 Broadhead

The Silver Award winner was the SIK F3 broadhead.

The F3 broadhead is designed with three 0.035” razor-sharp blades constructed of stainless steel. It’s designed for extreme strength and durability. The winged offset blade design produces a gaping 1-3/16” cutting diameter, resulting in a wound that won’t close and a blood trail you won’t be able to miss. The solid knurled and threaded rear locking collar ensures the blades are locked in place for superior strength. The one piece all steel ferrule features a sleek, bone-crushing hybrid tip.

Price – $44.99


Huntstand's Best Broadheads Of 2021
The Silver Award goes to the SIK F3 broadhead.

Editor's Choice Award - Slick Trick Assailant Hybrid

The Slick Trick Assailant is the winner of the Editor’s Choice Award.

The Assailant is a first in class hybrid-style broadhead with a massive 2 5/8″ total cutting surface. The Assailant features the popular ViperTrick series field-proven chisel-style tip. The broadhead features 1 3/4″ expandable heads and a 7/8″ fixed bleeder blade. The Assailant is designed to deliver precision field-point accuracy. The stainless steel construction delivers on SlickTrick’s commitment to rugged, durable heads that perform, time after time.

Price – $47.99


Huntstand's Best Broadheads Of 2021
The Slick Trick Assailant Hybrid wins the Editor's Choice Award.

“Accuracy, quality construction and ultimate durability are always top of mind, and it’s nice to see there are many great heads out there these days from which to choose,” says Mark Melotik of HuntStand. 

When asked what style head he prefers the most, Melotik said it all depends on the situation. 

“I use them interchangeably, matching specific models to specific hunting situations,” says Melotik. “I do tend to gravitate more toward fixed heads, but today you’ll find so many great examples of fixed, mechanical and hybrid styles that, for many people, it’s simply a matter of personal preference and what you feel confident shooting.”

What broadheads will you be shooting this hunting season?

Comment below and let us know what you like, what you hate, and what new heads you’d like to try. 

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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