Hoyt Ventum 30 Bow Review

By Brodie SwisherFebruary 24, 2021

Hoyt continues to deliver new concepts and innovation for 2021 with the release of their new Hoyt Ventum 30 compound bow. It has a variety of new features that we’ve not seen in the past from Hoyt, all designed to deliver a more shooter-friendly experience from top to bottom.

Check it out in our Hoyt Ventum 30 bow review below. 

Meet the all-new Hoyt Ventum 30.

To get started, check out the video below with Evan Williams of Hoyt as he shares what you can expect in the exciting new lineup from Hoyt for 2021.  

Specs on the Hoyt Ventum 30

As mentioned in the video above, the Ventum is available in two axle to axle lengths, much like the RX series of carbon bows. 

Here are the specs for both Ventum bows to give you a side by side look at the difference on specs for the aluminum Ventum bow.

Ventum 30 (30″)

  • Brace Height – 6 1/8″
  • Speed (IBO) – 342fps
  • Weight – 4.6lbs
  • Draw Lengths – 25-28″ or 28.5-30″
  • Draw Weights – 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 55-65, 60-70, or 70-80lbs.
  • Let-off – 80 or 85%
  • Cam System – HBX Cam

Ventum 33 (33″)

  • Brace Height – 6 3/8″
  • Speed (IBO) – 334fps
  • Weight – 4.7lbs
  • Draw Lengths – 26-29″ or 29.5-31″
  • Draw Weights – 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 55-65, 60-70, or 70-80lbs.
  • Let-off – 80 or 85%
  • Cam System – HBX Cam

First Impressions

The Hoyt Ventum 30 is a sharp looking bow. The test bow I received came in the new Wilderness finish. It’s essentially an army green color. Again, very sharp, very clean. It’s a great looking bow. 

Hoyt has always delivered some of the toughest bows in the industry, and they continue to build on that reputation for 2021 with one of the beefiest bow builds of the year. 

The Ventum 30 draws smoother and has less hand shock than anything I’ve yet to shoot from Hoyt in years past. 

HBX Cam System

Now that we’ve seen all the specs for the new RX-5 and Ventum, let’s take a more in-depth look at the new technology built into these bows, starting with the all-new cam system.

The Ventum feature a new, redesigned cam system, specifically made for unparalleled performance. The new HBX cam comes in one size that can cover the full range of draw lengths by using 2 different module sizes. And it can also go from 80% let-off to 85% in seconds by simply using an Allen wrench to adjust a screw.

The HBX also ushers in a smoother draw for the Hoyt lineup of bows. Hoyt has cleaned up the draw cycle with this cam, bringing a smoother shooting shooting experience, before and after the shot. There is a noticeable improvement in hand shock upon release with this new bow. It’s a sweet shooter, no doubt.  

The HBX Cam is proving to be a nice upgrade in performance for the Ventum.

In-Line Picatinny Rail Sight Mount

One of the most noticeable changes to the Hoyt flagship bows this year, is the addition of the option to use an In-Line picatinny rail mount for your sight. These bows still have the regular holes to mount your sight on the side, but the new in-line mount offers better bow balance.

Mounting your sight in-line with the riser presents the proven reliability of a picatinny rail, and better balance by having the weight of your sight out in front, as opposed to the side.

Hoyt brought their bow accessory options in-line for 2021, as you'll see with the Picatinny rail in-line sight mount.

QAD Integrate Rest Mounting System

As we’ve seen with several others bows in recent years, Hoyt has now partnered up with QAD to offer an in-line machined dovetail mounting system. The Integrate Rest Mount allows for quicker tuning, as well as a more stable rest option. It pretty much makes the  process fool-proof. Every bow company should be adapting to this design in the days ahead. 

Why is it such a big deal?

QAD’s rock solid Integrate Mounting System keeps the rest in line with the bow riser. The result is better balance, a significantly more secure attachment system, and overall lighter weight.

The new Integrate rest mount delivers a fool-proof option for mounting your arrow rest.

In-Line Short Stop Stabilizer

The new In-Line Short Stop Stabilizer provides greater stability in a more compact package. The lower position of this stabilizer location allows for a lower center of gravity for increased effectiveness and stability. 

How does the design work? Despite the shorter size, the attachment point sitting farther forward allows the 2-inch stabilizer to have the same reach as a 6-inch stabilizer in the typical location. The result is greater stabilization in a shorter, lighter weight stabilizer. 

A traditional stabilizer mount is also included on this bow for standard stabilizer mounting below the grip.

Small package, big stabilization.

Lower In-Line Side Bar Location

Hoyt has also improved the effectiveness of a sidebar by lowering the location to a lower center of gravity.

Why is this important?

This new setup allows for greater results in a smaller and lighter sidebar.

And that’s really what this bow is all about. Maximum performance and efficiency in a smaller and more compact package. This allows for better results from a smaller and lighter sidebar. It’s a more streamlined attachment system for your sidebar.

New mounting options are available to greater stabilize the Ventum bow.

Finish Options

The Ventum is available in a multitude of colors and finishes. The popular Buckskin finish got an upgrade for 2021, now called Buckskin 2.0. You’ll also find the new Wilderness color mentioned above, as well as Realtree Edge, Kuiu Verde 2.0, Gore Optifade Subalpine, and Elevated II, and Black Out.

You can also get Under Armour All-Season and Black Out special Keep Hammering Cam Hanes editions, as well as the Bone Collector edition in Black Out and Realtree Edge.

How It Performed

I put a number of arrows through the Ventum to get a feel for how it performs.  

To best reflect hunting performance, I shot 3 different arrows at various grain weights through the chrono to get an idea of the real-world hunting performance you can expect from the Ventum 30. 

The test bow was set up at 28″ draw length and draw weight bottomed out at 70 pounds. 

Here’s a look at the numbers I got while shooting the Ventum 30 test bow with the following arrows:

Arrow 1 – 398.3 gn  /  295 FPS

Arrow 2 – 455.9 gn  /  278 FPS

Arrow 3 – 544.5 gn  /  255 FPS


The Hoyt Ventum easily finds a place in the top 3 hunting bows of 2021, in my humble opinion. The smoother performance, tougher design, and beefy build make this a hot new option for 2021.

It’s priced at $1199 for the Ventum 30 and $1249 for the Ventum 33. 

Check them out at your local Hoyt dealer, or online at www.hoyt.com.  

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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