Hoyt Torrex Bow Review

By Brodie SwisherMarch 31, 2021

The Hoyt Torrex is the end product that resulted from Hoyt’s desire to take some of their finest, field-proven bow features, and deliver a bow offering in a price point unlike anything they’ve yet to accomplish. You’ll find it in this slick new bow that wears a price tag under $600. 

Check out the all-new Hoyt Torrex in our full review below.

Hoyt Torrex Bow Review
Meet the all-new Hoyt Torrex.

Specs on the Hoyt Torrex

Axle-to-axle: 30¾
Speed: 327 FPS
Brace Height: 7″
Mass Weight: 3.8 lbs
Draw Lengths: 26-30″
Draw Weight: 30-40#, 40-50#, 50-60#, 60-70#
Price: $599 / $699 RTH Package

Take a closer look at the Torrex, as well as the Torrex XT, in the video below…

Cam & 1/2 System

The Torrex cam builds on Hoyt’s proven cam and a 1/2 system that’s won it’s fair share of trophies over the years, both in the woods and on the tournament trail. In fact, it’s said to be the winningest cam in Hoyt’s 80-year history.

The design finds the top and bottom cams fused together by a harness system, ensuring they fire at the exact same time, every time, for greater consistency and accuracy shot after shot. 

The cam delivers a smooth and steady draw and a solid back wall at the end of the cycle. 

Hoyt Torrex Bow Review
Torrex Cam

Parallel Split Limbs

A bow’s limbs rarely get a lot of the spotlight when it comes to innovation, but as they do from top to bottom, Hoyt went to great lengths to ensure their limb design is among the best of the best. 

Their parallel split-limb design eliminates the vulnerable v-groove and limb bolt groove where any failures typically occur on traditional solid limbs. These limbs are also lighter, more efficient and provide increased arrow speeds, durability and accuracy. And as you may have seen before, Hoyt puts their bows through a pretty radical torture test of sorts. One being the dry-fire test.  Their bows are built to survive 1,000 dry-fires at 80 lbs. draw weight and 30” draw length. And any bow that can withstand that, can probably handle the abuse any hunter dishes out.  

TEC-LITE Riser Technology

As with their limbs, Hoyt has a reputation for building some of the toughest risers on earth.  Their Tec-Lite risers are required to survive 1,500 dry fires without failure before ever being considered for the Hoyt product line. It’s not a standard you’ll find across the industry. It’s just what Hoyt does to ensure they are building some of the toughest bows on earth.  

Hoyt Torrex Bow Review
Torrex Tec-Riser

X-ACT Grip System

Hoyt Torrex Bow Review
X-ACT Grip

Fuse Custom Strings

You’ll find FUSE Custom Strings come standard on the Hoyt Torrex bows. Boasting a growing number of wins across the country, FUSE Custom Strings are built tough, on hi-tech computerized tension machines resulting in strings that won’t stretch and peep sights that won’t twist.

Hoyt Torrex Bow Review
Fuse Strings

Finish Options

There are a number of finish options available on the Torrex, so you can get the look you love. 

Finish options from left to right are; Realtree®­ Edge™ Bone Collector, Black Out Bone Collector, Realtree®­ Edge™, Black Out, Forest Keep Hammering Cameron Hanes, and Black Out Cameron Hanes Keep Hammering.

Hoyt Torrex Bow Review


I put a number of arrows through the Torrex to get a feel for how it performs, as well as through the chrono to check it for speed.  

To best reflect hunting performance, I shot 3 different arrows at various grain weights through the chrono to get an idea of the real-world hunting performance you can expect from the Torrex. 

The test bow was set up at 28″ draw length and draw weight bottomed out at 70 pounds. 

Here’s a look at the numbers I got while shooting the Torrex test bow with the following arrows:

Arrow 1 – 399.4 gn  /  288 FPS

Arrow 2 – 455.9 gn  /  271 FPS

Arrow 3 – 544.5 gn  /  249 FPS


The Torrex is honestly one of the best shooting budget bows you’ll find anywhere. It’s a no-compromise machine with some of Hoyt’s best features built into a bow that’s priced at half of what you’ll pay for the company’s flagship bow. 

Sure, the flagship offers a little more speed and a few comfort features not found on the Torrex, but the choice could be a tough one when it comes down to the best value between the two. The Torrex will no doubt get the nod for an incredible shooting bow, at a price that’s hard to beat. 

Check it out at your local Hoyt dealer, or online at www.hoyt.com

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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