First Look at the 2022 ATA Show

By Brodie SwisherJanuary 7, 2022

The 2022 ATA show is off and running in Louisville, Kentucky! The Bowhunting.com crew is on the show floor making the rounds to deliver all the latest coverage in new products for 2022. 

We’ll have daily posts and updates on new gear and all the happenings from this year’s event, so be sure to check back often for ongoing updates. 

Here’s a quick first look at some of the things we’ve come across so far. 

Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm Ghost

First Look At The 2022 Ata Show

Fourth Arrow continues to change the game for the cameraman and self-filming hunter with gear that’s tougher, lighter, and more user-friendly than ever before.

Their new Stiff Arm Ghost is lighter than their Carbon Arm and has a 8 pound rating. 

Tethrd Platform

First Look At The 2022 Ata Show

Saddle fans, as well as the skeptics, are stopping by the Tethrd booth to check out the latest gear from the leaders in saddle hunting products and gear for the mobile hunter.

Their new Carbon Fiber platform is lighter than ever, built tough, and provides greater traction and maneuverability to allow you to work around the tree for the perfect shot. 

Bohning Pocket Quiver

First Look At The 2022 Ata Show

Bohning unleashes a slick little quiver for 2022 with their Pocket Quiver. It’s the answer to the backyard practice sessions that find you shoving arrows in your back pocket or belt. 

No more ripped or torn pockets from your field points! This little quiver slides easy in your back pocket and keeps you and your pocket protected for easy loading and removal of your arrows.

Dead Center Stabilizers

First Look At The 2022 Ata Show

Dead Center has new stabilizers in the arsenal for 2022 with a lineup built for greater stabilization than ever before. 

They have new color and size options, as well as greater vibration features built in across the bar. 

So whether you’re stepping up to the stake on a 3D course, or drawing back on a buck or bull in the wild, there’s no doubt there’s a Dead Center stabilizer to meet your needs. 

Wasp Broadhead

First Look At The 2022 Ata Show

Wasp delivers on the demand from archers for heavier weight broadheads.

For 2022, the company releases a new broadhead in their SharpShooter series. It’s a 200 grain broadhead built for greater penetration on the  toughest of game.

Deer Smeer Bowstring Wax

First Look At The 2022 Ata Show

Got string wax? 

Deer Smeer is a new product with more than just a catchy name. It’s the bowstring wax to help you protect and extend the life of your  bowstring. 

Better yet, it’s scented with an attractive scent  that won’t spook deer. In fact, their Arctic Apple scent just might draw your deer closer. 

Be sure to check back often for more products and updates each day from the 2022 ATA show in Louisville.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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