Cyclops Hades Horizon Headlamp Review

By Jonathan FassnachtNovember 14, 2023

One thing you can’t do without nowadays is a good headlamp. There are a bunch of options on the market, but the Cyclops Hades Horizon is definitely worth a look. But what truly distinguishes this headlamp from others is its design versatility. Below we’ll take a closer look at all the features and functions of this compact headlamp. 

Cyclops Hades Horizon Headlamp Review


At the core of the Cyclops Hades Horizon Headlamp is a powerful 5W OSRAM P8 LED. It is boosted by a 700mAh 16340 rechargeable battery in its core. This smart combination ensures that you have a dependable source of light for anything an outdoorsman needs to tackle. Encased in a rugged anodized aluminum body, it seamlessly transitions from a headlamp to a handheld flashlight with a simple clip-on or clip-off action. This adaptability is a huge plus for hunters transitioning from field to truck to garage. 

Cyclops Hades Horizon Headlamp Review

The Hades is basically a mini 500 lumen spotlight disguised as a headlamp. This Headlamp has 6 different light options in one small package. There are 2 white P8 LED (100% and 20% spot light) options, 2 white COB (100% and 20% broad light options), and red light/flashing red options.  One click of the “On” button activates the bright 500 lumen P8LED focused spotlight which packs a serious punch and can do anything from tracking a blood trail to lighting up a skinning rack.  Additionally, a quick double click of the “On” button activates a strobing white LED. 

Cyclops Hades Horizon Headlamp Review

The broad spectrum light is great for working at night or night hikes where the red light option is perfect for morning walks to the treestand. One bonus feature is that if you hold down the ON button at start up it will go directly to red light mode.

Cyclops Hades Horizon Headlamp Review


Another super nice feature is the ability to remove the light from the headlamp holder. Inside the package there is a metal belt clip that easily attaches when the light is popped out of the head harness bracket.  

The Hades come with a uniquely designed magnetic USB charger that charges the rechargeable 700mah battery in less than 2 hours. The magnet on the light is so strong you can even stick it to a metal object like the side of a truck or refrigerator. The internal battery is removable and replaceable but it is not able to run off standard AA or AAA batteries. 

Charging the headlight. I like that you don’t need to remove the battery to recharge. The LED indicator on the magnetic charging cable will pop on when held close, similar to an iPhone MagSafe charger. The small LED indicator is red while charging but turns blue when the charge is complete. It’s a pretty slick design. It would be easy to just leave the charger in a vehicle and get in the habit of keeping it charged and ready to go. 

Cyclops Hades Horizon Headlamp Review


A few weeks ago, before I received this light to test, my son and I shot a hog right before dark. It was the first hunt of the year and I didn’t have much time to prep gear and I didn’t take a headlamp because I figured I could use my phone as a flashlight to get out as it was an easy entry. Well, of course I had an opportunity to shoot a hog, and didn’t have a good light to track blood. If I had this Cyclops Hades headlamp in my gear bag, it would have made things a lot easier. 

After using it for a few weeks, I like how lightweight it is, and durable when I drop it. Compared to a plastic cased light, this one is much better. 

I left the light on full power 100% P8 LED to see how long it would last and it lasted 2 hours and 2 minutes. 

The IPX4 waterproof rating keeps the light dry from any splashes from any direction. It is not designed to be submersible. So if you are looking for a headlamp for scuba diving, this one is not for you. 

The specs state the light can shine up to 100 meters. That’s 328 feet for us Americans. I found that the distance was far more than I anticipated.

Cyclops Hades Horizon Headlamp Review


-Versatility, ability to shape shift from headlamp to hand held flashlight

– Ability to serve as both lowlight red entry headlamp to blood trailing spotlight

Things to Know

-Because the charging cable is unique, you have to keep track of it and not lose it. 

-Develop a good system of charging it when you are finished using it or carry a battery back to recharge if doing a multi-day hunt.

-The positive end of the battery goes in first against the spring. 

-The Cyclops Hades Horizon Headlamp comes in at $44.99.

Jonathan Fassnacht
Jonathan grew up in Central Pennsylvania and has been bowhunting since age 14. He currently lives in South East Georgia with his wife Ashley and 4 kids who all love being outside and enjoying the outdoors.
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