Centerpoint Wrath 430 Crossbow Review

By Brodie SwisherJuly 9, 2021

The crossbows being pumped out from Centerpoint the last few years have continued to be built with a smaller and more compact design. You’ll see it in the 2021 Centerpoint Wrath 430 crossbow. 

In fact, the company says it’s the smallest crossbow they’ve built yet. The Wrath 430 was built for close-encounter hunting, delivering the ultimate in stealth. This latest option delivers beefed up speed, power and accuracy to boot.

It’s a great option when hunting the tight confines of a ground blind, tree saddle, or stalking through the brush.

Centerpoint Wrath 430 Crossbow Review
Meet the all-new Centerpoint Wrath 430 crossbow.

First Impressions

As mentioned above, the compact design of this crossbow is a welcomed reminder of how far crossbow technology and design have come.

It assembles quick and easy, allowing you to be set up and on the range in no time. It’s a sharp and simple looking rig that feels good in the hands, as well as on the shoulder.  

Specs on the Centerpoint Wrath 430

Velocity – Up to 430 fps

Width – (Axle to Axle Cocked) – 9″

Width – (Axle to Axle Uncocked) – 13″

Draw Weight – 200 lbs

Power Stroke – 15″

Weight – 8.3 lbs

Length  – 28.26″

Price – $649.99

Favorite Features

The compact design of this crossbow, complimented with 164 foot-pounds of energy, make this rig a deadly crossbow option that is priced well within range of more shooters, new and old. 

Its bullpup design, with a release behind the trigger, delivers a longer power stroke for more efficiency and speed down range. 

You’ll also find a folding stirrup for user friendly cocking and targeting in the field. It’s another nice feature that goes a long way when shooting from tight quarters. The feature allows the stirrup to quickly convert to a collapsible bi-pod for added stability. 

The package includes a 4x32mm illuminated scope, detachable quiver, rope cocker, and three 20″ 400-grain carbon arrows. 

Centerpoint Wrath 430 Crossbow Review
The Centerpoint 430 Wrath kit includes everything you need to hit the woods.

Safety Built In

The webbed foregrip and oversized finger guards take safety to another level, delivering a comfortable grip while eliminating the shooter’s ability to place their fingers in the path of the string. 

Centerpoint Wrath 430 Crossbow Review
A better design out front keeps your hands and fingers protected.

The crossbow also features a unique ball bearing retention spring design that offers no exposure or potential contact with the  string of cocking aid. In addition, you’ll find an ADF (Anti Dry Fire) Trigger that protects user from moving the safety to the fire position without an arrow in place. 

From front to back, this crossbow was built with the shooter’s safety in mind.  

Centerpoint Wrath 430 Crossbow Review
Safety and performance are the foundations for the 430 crossbow design.

Cranking Device Compatible

If you’re looking for an even easier method of cocking your crossbow, keep in mind, the Wrath 430 is cranking device compatible. It allows you to mount a cranking device, built specifically for this crossbow line, to be added to help minimize the cocking effort required. 


The Wrath 430 cocks nice and easy with the rope cocker. A subtle click lets you know you are locked in at full draw. As mentioned above, the crossbow is compatible with a cranking device as well. 

Centerpoint Wrath 430 Crossbow Review
How did the Wrath 430 perform on the range?

As for performance on the range, the Wrath 430 test bow clocked in at 407 fps through the chrono. It’s a shooter-friendly setup that shoots smooth with minimal recoil and noise at the shot. 

The Wrath 430 is priced at $649.99. Check it out at

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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