Best Turkey Vests for 2024

By Brodie SwisherMarch 11, 2024

Few things help stoke the fire of the spring season to come like the chore of digging through and reorganizing the turkey vest. A hunter’s vest says a lot about them and the way in which they hunt. Some hunters carry a pile of gear in their vest, while others tend to take a minimalist approach. But whether your vest could supply a small sporting goods store, or you tote just the basics, the turkey vest seems to be worn as a badge of honor for serious turkey hunters. Don’t take the vest lightly! 

If you’re shopping for a new vest, or just curious about the options for a potential upgrade, check out our list of the best turkey vests for 2024. 

Best Turkey Vest For 2024

Tethrd M2

Best Turkey Vest For 2024

If you’re looking for a turkey vest that’s made in the USA and has seemingly endless customization options, you need to check out the M2 Turkey Vest, built in collaboration with Tethrd and The Hunting Public crew. The vest started popping up last year in limited quantities, but has reached its stride for 2024 as one of the most popular turkey vests to hit the woods in years. M2 stands for Mobile + Modular. That’s where the Tethrd team gathered input from The Hunting Public crew on what the mobile turkey hunter demands.

The result was a vest that’s completely customizable with endless options. MOLLE attachments allow you to add the bird bag or hydration kit on the back. It’s truly the hunter’s choice on how to rig this vest out with a variety of pockets and attachments. The M2 is super lightweight, built more like an upland bird vest, for maximum comfort and easy access to all the tools you need most. It’s dressed in Mossy Oak Bottomland in a one-of-a-kind fabric that’s rugged and durable. 

Price – $299.99

HS Turkey Vest

Best Turkey Vest For 2024

If you’re looking for a budget vest with plenty of pockets for organization and a butt cushion to boot, the HS Turkey Vest is hard to beat when it comes to affordability. Ample pockets for a variety of calls and gear keeps everything you need within easy reach. The vest is super light for a minimalist approach for your run-n-gun hunts that find you on the move and comes in Realtree Edge camo.  

Price – $59.99

Blocker Finisher Pro II

Best Turkey Vests For 2024

The all-new Blocker Finisher Pro II Turkey Vest was built to deliver the best in comfort and organization for turkey hunters, regardless of whether you’re runnin’ and gunnin’ or sitting tight for long hours against the tree. The comfort built into this vest starts with the detachable and water-resistant seat cushion, and ample pockets make organization of all your gear easier than ever. The mesh back paneling was designed to keep you cool even when the temperatures warm up. On the back side, you’ll find a game bag for an easy carry of your bird out of the woods. The vest is available in Mossy Oak Bottomland, Obsession, and Greenleaf. 

Price – $119.99

Alps OutdoorZ Impact Pro Turkey Vest

Best Turkey Vest For 2024

The Alps OutdoorZ Impact Pro is another great option for the hunter wanting to cut the bulk from their vest and go with a more streamlined approach to hauling gear. The vest is free from the bulky seat cushion flopping on your back side. This vest includes a stadium seat design made of a high-density, molded foam bottom cushion and backrest to lighten the load while maintaining maximum comfort. 

The vest features molded front pockets to keep your mouth calls protected, as well as an adjustable box call and ThermaCELL pockets. It’s got a game bag in the back and plenty of customization options as well with its MOLLE webbing design. The vest comes in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland camo. 

Price – $149


Mossy Oak Longbeard Elite Strap Vest

Best Turkey Vest For 2024

The Mossy Oak Longbeard Elite Strap Vest was built to give turkey hunters the perfect blend of comfort and functionality for any turkey hunt. It has plenty of pockets, well positioned to place your gear right where you need it. The shoulder strap design keeps you cool and comfortable with minimal contact on your chest and shoulders. 

It’s designed with lightweight material that’s rugged and durable without the bulk. In fact, the vest weighs in at just 3 pounds. It has a large, blood-proof game bag with side zippers, and a detachable 2″ foam cushion that can be quickly fastened to your side when you’re on the move. 

Price – $119

Mossy Oak Youth Longbeard Turkey Vest

Best Turkey Vest For 2024

Mossy Oak also has the perfect youth vest option in their Youth Longbeard Turkey Vest.  It provides plenty of comfort and functionality in a vest built specifically for the next generation of turkey hunters. You’ll find padded shoulder straps and a Air Mesh back with foam pad for support against the tree. The vest features 6 total pockets to stash calls and gear, a large game bag with side zippers, and a detachable 2″ foam cushion that can be quickly fastened to the side when you’re on the move. 

 Price – $69.99

NOMAD Turkey Vest

Best Turkey Vest For 2024

 If you like a little extra support for your back side, you need to check out the Nomad Turkey Vest. It’s built with a 3″ thick seat to keep you comfortable on long sits in the turkey woods. The vest is built with a beefy design including reinforced adjustable straps and chest harness for maximum comfort. Other features include a ThermaCell holster, friction call pockets, mesh mouth call pouch, and a locater call sleeve. You can easily tote decoys in, or your dead bird out, in the large game bag on the back. The vest is 100% polyester and is dressed in Mossy Oak Bottomland camo. 

Price – $150

Gamekeeper Turkey Vest

Best Turkey Vest For 2024

The Gamekeeper Turkey Vest could easily become your favorite turkey vest of all time with its classic, time-tested design that’s light and simple, yet keeps all your gear organized and within easy reach. The vest has an extra thick seat cushion with a flip-n-go attachment system that allows you to quickly flip the seat cushion up and in place with a magnet when you’re ready to make your move to the next spot. The extra-large game bag on the back has plenty of room for your decoys and bird when your tag is punched. The 14 pockets built into this vest ensure you have ample space for all your calls and gear and the sling grips on the shoulders keep your gun in place without slipping and sliding. 

Price – $179

Ol' Tom Time & Motion Easy Rider Turkey Vest

Best Turkey Vest For 2024

The Time & Motion Easy-Rider Turkey Vest is the lightest vest on our list weighing in at just 2.10 pounds. It’s got just the pockets you need to stay organized with all your calls, without bulk or extra wasted space. It’s built for comfort with its T-Beam back pad for when you’re leaning against a tree and the Magnattach padded rear seat cushion to keep you cozy on long sits. The Ol’ Tom team says it’s the quietest, easiest, and fastest seat cushion on the market. Adjustable chest and waist straps ensure you’ll have the exact fit you’re looking for, and the blood-proof game bag makes hauling out your bird at the end of the hunt quick, clean and easy.  

Price – $129

SITKA Equinox Turkey Vest

Best Turkey Vest For 2024

The SITKA crew says their Equinox Turkey Vest is more like a pack than a vest. It’s just built different. It’s built for mobility in a design that offers comfort and easy access to all your calls and gear. It’s free from the bulk of unnecessary extras that simply take up space and add noise. This vest is streamlined, simple and super light at just 44.5 ounces. Built with a minimalist storage design, you’ll find magnetic-closing pockets for your  box calls, pot call, strikers and other essential gear. The vest features a drop-down seat cushion that cinches up quick and easy when you’re on the go. 
Price – $269

SITKA Turkey Tool Belt

Best Turkey Vest For 2024

As the name implies, this is more of a fanny pack than a vest, but the new Turkey Tool Belt from SITKA has all the space you need for stashing calls, and it’s built with a slick seat cushion design to give you the best of storage, organization and comfort, all in a minimalist design for your run-n-gun turkey hunts. It’s the simplicity of a fanny pack with the specialized storage of a full-featured vest. The design allows you to easily spin the pack around your waist as you access gear and call pockets and move it out of the way when you’re on the move. Compression straps allow you to add or remove extra layers or gear throughout your hunt. 

Price – $229


Chief Upland Flydown Turkey Vest

Best Turkey Vest For 2024

Another turkey vest built for customization is the Flydown Series from Chief Upland. The vest is loaded with a MOLLE system that allows you to place the pockets and attachments you need, right where you want them. From the seat cushion, to pockets designed for calls, water bottle, electronics, ammo, mouth calls, and more, this vest is a very unique design. It’s built with durable 1000D Cordura and is highly adjustable to fit men and women of all sizes. The expandable game bag on the back gives you ample room for decoys and your bird. The Starter Bundle (pictured above) comes with a call pocket, ammo pouch, and seat cushion. You can also buy the All-In Bundle ($399) that includes 1 of everything in the way of pockets and attachments. 

Price – $299

Get geared up now for the spring turkey season ahead! The vests mentioned above are sure to meet your needs, no mater what style of hunting you do each season.

What vest will you haul your turkey gear to the woods with this spring? Comment below, and let us know which turkey vest is your favorite. 

What’s in your vest? Watch the video below for a look at some of the gear we stash in our turkey vest each spring.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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