Best Turkey Broadheads for 2024

By Brodie SwisherMarch 14, 2024
Best Turkey Broadheads

Bowhunting turkeys can be a difficult task for even the most seasoned bowhunter.  Between their incredible vision, small kill zone, and oftentimes stubborn nature, harvesting a turkey with archery equipment is certainly not a task to be taken lightly.

One of the most important decisions you will make when chasing longbeards with a bow is which broadhead to screw onto your arrow.  While many deer and big game hunters prefer a stout, hard-hitting, fixed-blade broadhead, when it comes to turkeys, bigger is almost always better.

We asked a variety of successful turkey hunters what the best broadhead is for turkey hunting and compiled their answers below.


Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024

I don’t know of any man on earth that has killed as many turkeys with a bow as Keith Beam. He was the co-owner of Double Bull Blinds back in the day, and every spring he dealt out an impressive number of notched turkey tags all across the country. What’s his broadhead of choice when it comes to bowhunting turkeys? 

“I’ve been killing most of my turkeys lately with the 1 3/4″ NAP DK4,” says Beam. “It has a big cutting diameter, and with four cutting surfaces it inflicts massive damage.  I’ve also killed a few with the Slingblade 4Ti which features a similar 4-blade design. Both broadheads are tough on turkeys.”

Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024
"Beamer" with a beautiful Eastern turkey taken with the NAP DK4 broadhead.

The DK4 is a hybrid-mechanical broadhead featuring a pivoting main blade and two mechanical bleeder blades designed for maximum penetration. The broadhead is available in 100 and 125 grains, with a 1 3/4″ cutting diameter. A 3-pack sells for $39.99.

Rage Hyodermic NC

Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024

Tony Peterson is another longtime bowhunter that knows how to do business in the turkey woods. In fact, he’s pretty much carrying the MeatEater team these days when it comes to turkey hunting wisdom and notched tags. What’s his favorite broadhead for turkeys? 

“My go-to turkey broadhead is the Rage Hypodermic NC,” says Tony. “They fly really well, and the 2” cutting diameter does so much damage. I think a lot of people underestimate how easily toms can shrug off a hit with archery tackle, so I try to make sure my broadheads will tear them up and put them down quickly, even if my point of impact isn’t perfect.”

Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024
Tony and his daughter are all smiles after a successful archery turkey hunt with the Rage Hypodermic broadhead.

The Rage Hypodermic NC delivers incredible penetration with a 2-inch cutting diameter. It has a Slip Cam pivot point that keeps the broadhead in place while closed without the need for a collar or O-ring. It’s a 100-grain head sold in a 3-pack for $44.99.

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Magnus Bullhead

Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024

Derek Craig from New Day Outdoors is an avid bowhunter that loves the challenge of chasing gobblers with archery tackle.  When it comes to turkeys, Craig chooses a broadhead that is designed for head shots. 

“No question on this one,” says Craig. “The Magnus Bullhead is the broadhead I carry for turkeys. When bowhunting turkeys I exclusively aim for the head & neck, so a large broadhead is a must. It’s my belief that this offers a larger kill zone than the body and an aiming point that’s more visible and clearly defined. Key factors to shooting this type of broadhead are having your bow tuned, shooting a properly spined arrow, and making sure you cut your arrows longer than usual to ensure clearance on the arrow shelf. You also need to be sure to check clearance on your sight housing as well.”

Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024
Derek Craig has taken a number of turkeys with an archery equipment, most of them thanks to a well-placed head shot with the Magnus Bullhead.

The Bullhead is a 3-blade broadhead specifically designed for head and neck shots. Do NOT body shoot a bird with this style of head. The head is available in 100 grain with a 2 3/4″ cutting diameter or a 125 grain option with a 3 3/4″ cutting diameter. They come in 3-pack and sell for $42.99.

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Slockmaster Head Hunter Broadhead

Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024

Tim Wells is a living legend when it comes to making incredible shots on tough targets with his bow. Whether they’re running, or flying, critters are usually dying when Wells drops the string. He specializes in bowhunting birds of all size – turkeys included. That’s why he created his own broadhead designed for lopping off the head of a wild turkey. 

“I built the Head Hunter Broadhead specifically for turkey head shots. They are deadly accurate in a 125-grain, 4-blade design with a 4″ cut. Shoot them with flu-flu arrows, and you’re good to go out to 25 yards.”

Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024
Tim Wells is one of the most well-known and accomplished bowhunters in the world, and he's certainly no stranger to "slocking" turkeys with archery equipment.

The Head Hunter broadhead was designed to be well-balanced, accurate, and razor sharp for quick, clean kills when bowhunting turkeys. You’ll find them in a 4-pack priced at $34.50. 

SEVR 1.75

Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024

Bowhunter and outdoor writer Jace Bauserman annually chases turkeys with his bow throughout the country. He spends a lot of time putting his gear to the test to ensure he can handle the tiny targets presented when a gobbler walks into bow range. So, what broadhead will you find in his quiver for turkeys? 

“I love the SEVR 1.75 broadheads for bowhunting turkeys,” says Bauserman. “It has a massive cutting diameter and precision flight. Plus, by adding a second set screw in the ferrule, you can practice with the same broadhead you plan to hunt with.”

Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024
Noted outdoor writer and accomplished bowhunter Jace Bauserman relies on SEVR broadheads to get the job done when bowhunting for turkeys.

The SEVR 1.75 broadhead was built for greater penetration and cutting diameter. It’s perfectly suited for both compound and crossbows, regardless of speed. The swept-back blade angle ensures accuracy in flight and devastating wound channels in a 1.75” cutting diameter. They are sold individually at $15.99 each, so you can buy the exact number of heads you need.

G5 MegaMeat

Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024

Mike Hunsucker and the team at Heartland Bowhunter have laid down some of the most beautiful turkey bowhunting footage you’ll find anywhere. Mike and the HB crew are certainly no strangers to filling turkey tags courtesy of a well-placed arrow. So, what is Mike’s favorite turkey broadhead?

“My favorite is the MegaMeat from G5,” says Hunsucker. “It’s a 3-blade, 2-inch, expandable that does a lot of damage, which is exactly what you want for bowhunting turkeys. You want a broadhead that helps maximize your margin of error.”

Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024
The popular G5 MegaMeat is Michael Hunsucker's turkey broadhead of choice for 2024.

The MegaMeat features a snaplock collar that keeps the blades secure during flight for field-point accuracy. They come in a 3-pack priced at $59.95. 

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NAP Spitfire XXX

Our very own Justin Zarr has stayed true to the broadhead that’s performed flawlessly for him season after season when turkey hunting. 

“When it comes to shooting turkeys with a bow, I firmly believe that bigger is always better,” says Zarr. “I’ve shot almost every bird I’ve taken with a bow with an NAP Spitfire XXX, and it’s never let me down. I prefer a 3-blade head for the additional cutting surface and the 2″ diameter gets the job done, no matter if you’re aiming for the body or head/neck area.”

The Spitfire XXX features a 2″ cutting diameter, comes in 100 grains and is available in a 3-pack for $39.99. 

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justin zarr illinois spring turkey harvest
Bowhunt or Die co-host Justin Zarr relies on the NAP Spitfire XXX for both his deer and turkey hunting success.


The best broadhead for hunting turkeys with a crossbow.​

“If you’re bowhunting turkeys with a crossbow, the NAP FOC is my go-to turkey broadhead. At 170 grains and a 3″ cut when fully opened, this broadhead is absolutely devastating on turkeys. The added weight hits them like a ton of bricks, and the massive cutting diameter makes for a short tracking job.”

The FOC mechanical broadhead was designed to be used from modern crossbows and packs a monstrous 3” cut in the open position and has a low profile 11/16” width in the closed position so wind planing will never be a problem. The FOC weighs in at a hefty 170 grains and comes in a 3-pack for $59.99.

Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024
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Hunter in camo posing with an Eastern turkey taken with a TenPoint crossbow
Joey Zarr took this big Illinois gobbler thanks to the massive 3" cut of the NAP FOC broadhead.

Simmons Tree Shark

Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024

I personally have shot turkeys with a variety of broadheads over the years. A few of my favorites have been the Rage Hypodermic NC, Grim Reaper Razortip and the trusty Gobbler Guillotine back in the day.  For the most part, mechanical broadheads still rule the roost for their massive cutting diameter.

However, years ago I started using the Simmons Tree Shark for turkeys when totin’ my longbow. It’s a fixed blade head with a monstrous cut. Turkeys simply can’t handle the devastation this broadhead inflicts. 

Brodie's turkey
Champion game caller and outdoor writer Brodie Swisher calls on the Simmons Tree Shark, a large fixed blade broadhead, when bowhunting turkeys.

The 190 grain Tree Shark is 2 1/2″ long by 2 1/16″ wide with a blade thickness of 0.050″. It’s easily one of the widest cut on contact heads in the business. The heads are sold in a 3-pack for $46.95.

We want to hear from you. What’s your favorite broadhead for bowhunting turkeys? What broadheads do we need to add to our list of Best Turkey Broadheads for 2024? 

Comment below, and let us know what you think. 

Just getting started bowhunting turkeys? Check out the video below for our Bowhunting Turkeys Guide with the 5 best tips on getting started.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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