Best Bowhunting Videos of 2020

By Brodie SwisherJanuary 1, 2021

The 2020 year is in the books! It was a crazy year with difficult days, many of which we’d rather not look back on. But there’s also been plenty of good things to come from the 2020 year. It was a season of life that offered ample hunting time for many families and record hunting license sales for a number of states across the country. It’s also been a season to remember for many of our bowhunting friends and content creators.   

So as we look back on 2020, here’s a rundown of my top picks for the best bowhunting videos of 2020. 

The Hunting Public - Intense Spot and Stalk

One of the best bowhunting videos of the year, possibly all-time, is easily The Hunting Public’s hunt with Zach Ferenbugh in North Dakota. The spot-n-stalk hunt finds Zach crawling hundreds of yards to get within bow range of a bedded buck. It’s a must-watch video that’ll put you right in the middle of the action like few other videos will. 

Seek One - Urban Public Land

Most every bowhunter loves the thrill of a solid ground-pound style bowhunt – or at least watching someone else get the job done at eye level. Add a boat, public land, and a plethora of live targets to the mix and you’ve got one of the funnest hunts of the year. That pretty much sums up the Seek One collaboration with the THP crew. This video has over 864,000 views in the last couple months. It’s just that good. 

Midwest Whitetail - Surprise Booner at 10 Yards

Bill Winke knows big bucks and how to kill them. He typically knows every buck on the farm, but this episode finds Bill surprised when a booner buck slips in to just 10 yards away from one of his favorite blinds.

Tethrd - Public Land Buck From the Saddle

The Tethrd team does a really good job of showing real-life hunting adventures that the average hunter can relate to. As they say, “We’re just a bunch of normal  dudes trying to make critters run for their lives.” This particular video finds the guys in North Dakota trying to punch tags on bucks in the early season. Check it out for a look at all the highs and lows of public land hunting from a saddle. 

Hunt Club - Piebald on the Eastern Shore

Hunt Club is one of the newer shows on the scene for 2020, but Phillip Cullpepper and the team have continued to deliver some great hunts all across the country. The teams gets the invite on a unique hunt to some property in Maryland that has a lot of deer that need to be handled. One in particular is a piebald buck the landowner wants removed from the farm. Watch how this  one goes down! 

Heartland Bowhunter - A Target Rich Bowhunt

On this hunt, the Heartland Bowhunter guys are headed down to Texas to hunt The Wexford. It’s a legendary ranch with plenty of deer. It makes for the perfect place to sit with a quiver full of arrows and lots of tags. Arrows are flying and whitetail deer are dying – this is another great hunt from the HB team. 

Nock On Archery - Mule Deer Shot at 10 Feet

John Dudley is known for making some pretty impressive shots when it comes to dropping long bombs with his bow. But on this  hunt, he  shows that he can handle the short game as well. Watch what happens when this muley buck walks up nice and tight. 

Mathews - Utah Mule Deer with Brett Seng

Brett Seng is an avid bowhunter from Montana that delivers creative genius  on both sides of the camera. He typically spends the early months of hunting season in the backcountry of the west to test out the latest offering from Mathews. The hunt below is good example of the grind you’ll often find when you head deep into the heart of the proving ground. 

THP - Ted Miller's Double Drop Tine Buck

Ted Miller is a legend among mid-west deer hunters. He’s a stone cold big-buck killer. This year, he’s managed to notch tags on a couple of the best deer of his life. One being the double drop tine buck in the video below. Watch as Ted calls the buck in to 15 yards before dropping the string. - Opening Day Buck Down

Of course, no bowhunting video list would be complete without one of our own best-hit videos for the year. And one of our favorite videos of the year came early as Tommy Alford and son, Jack, hit the woods in their ghillie suits in hopes of taking Jack’s first buck from the ground. The shot Jack put on this buck, and the excitement that followed, is hard to beat. 

Happy New Year!

A new year brings new opportunities. We look forward to what’s to come in the hunting seasons ahead.

Happy New Year from the crew! We wish the best in 2021. May your arrows fly true and your tags be filled. 

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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