7 Ways to Make Your Treestand More Comfortable

By Brodie SwisherAugust 2, 20232 Comments

Putting the time in with long sits in the treestand can produce notched tags on big bucks year after year. You’ve got to be there when they walk by, right? That’s why most hunters go home empty handed season after season. They simply can’t handle the discomfort that often comes with long hours in the treestand.  

Savvy hunters figure out a way to make their time in the stand a more enjoyable – and comfortable – experience. How do they do it? They’ve learned to take the steps to make their treestand more comfortable to help  endure the long hours in the tree. Here’s a look at 7 ways to make your treestand more comfortable this season. 

9 Ways To Make Your Treestand More Comfortable

1. Replace Seat Cushion

Let’s be honest, not all treestand seats are created equal. And while some treestand companies focus on comfort, others go with the bare minimum when it comes to the seat. It can be brutal on the back side. That’s why replacing the seat cushion can be one of the quickest and easiest fixes to make your treestand more comfortable. Just replace it with a nice aftermarket cushion or make your own. The thicker the better! Or you may even consider replacing your seat with a sling-style seat if it’s compatible with your stand (climbing stands). 

9 Ways To Make Your Treestand More Comfortable

2. Add Foot Rest

I used to think a footrest was a luxury item for the gaudy, pretty-boy hunter that needed to be pampered. And then I sat in a stand that had a footrest built into it. That was the moment I realized what I had been missing. It was a game changer for when it came to comfort for my butt, back, and neck. You’ll be amazed at the comfort a footrest will deliver for your whole body. These days, I try to buy a stand with the footrest option, or I’ll add a DIY footrest of my own. 

9 Ways To Make Your Treestand More Comfortable

3. Add a Back Rest

The back rest is another overlooked option that you won’t know you need until you try one. A quality pad on your back will add comfort, cushion, warmth, and will even quiet things as you shift and rotate in your stand. Buy a camo one from a treestand or accessory company, or just buy a gardener’s knee pad, and strap it to the tree. 

9 Ways To Make Your Treestand More Comfortable

4. Adjust Seat Height / Angle

Some stands allow you to adjust the treestand seat in order to change the height and/or angle. These subtle changes can go a long way in the comfort your stand provides. The distance from your platform to your seat can have a dramatic impact on your ability to stand with ease, as well as the circulation of blood flow through your legs. Play around with treestand height on your stand prior to season so you’ll know how, when, and where to make adjustments to maximize comfort when the time comes. 

Some stands even come with multiple seat placement options for greater comfort throughout your hunt. The Summit Dual Axis stand offers comfort, regardless of whether you’re sitting, or standing. You can place it down in the standard seating position, or flip it up as a leaner, to allow you to stretch your legs or prep for the shot.  

Best Treestands For The Mobile Bowhunter

5. Pick a Better Tree

Don’t be hardheaded! Sometimes you just need to pick a better tree. If your stand is hanging in a forward-leaning tree that won’t allow you to sit back, you need to move immediately!  That’s easily one of the most uncomfortable scenarios out there. Find a tree that has a slight backward lean that allows you to “recline.” You’ll be far more comfortable and able to handle longer sits in the tree. 

6. Go to a Ladder Stand

Need more space in the tree? You might consider a ladder stand. They are easy to climb and descend, and typically have a pretty generous platform and seat combination. They are the perfect solution for young or old hunters, or anyone else wanting a stress-free treestand experience. And with today’s growing ladder stand market, you’re no longer limited to a 12′ ladder stand. In fact, companies are now offering 18′ and even 20′ foot ladder stand options. 


7. Get a Tree Lounge

If the tips mentioned above still don’t work for you, you might considering buying a Tree Lounge! Remember those guys from back in the 80s? Mrs. Margaret (wife of company owner) sure did kill her fair share of deer from those crazy stands. Some called them the most comfortable stands on the market. Others called them a death trap. Take a look at the video below and determine for yourself. 

But seriously, if you’re looking to purchase the most comfortable climbing stand on the market, you might consider the super comfortable climbing stands from Summit. Their Goliath climbing stand is hard to beat when it comes to comfort and safety for all day sits. It’s the one stand I can handle all-day sits in with ease. You get tired – take a nap. It’s the next best thing to hunting from a recliner. Check out the Summit Viper, Goliath, and Titan climbers for some of the most comfortable stands you’ll ever climb into. 

9 Ways To Make Your Treestand More Comfortable

What about you? How do you customize your stand to maximize comfort? What is your favorite stand for sitting long hours in the deer woods? 

Comment below, and let us know what you think. 

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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